My Baby Story

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Renee-Marie - May 15

I went to the hospital on Friday, May 13 due to a rising BP level - I had toxemia. Anyway, I was induced with a sopisitory around 6PM on friday. This sopisitory had to remain inside for 12 hours to soften my cervix. I have to be honest here. Inserting the sipository had to be the most painful thing I had ever felt. Since my cervix was way up inside (because thats where it is when you're no where near ready for labor) it felt like it was scratching or tearing away at me. That was all they did to me on Friday. So 12 hours later, (6AM Saturday morning), they began pumping in Pitosin through my IV to get my contractions started. The Pitocin was started at a level 2 but I don't know what that translates to. Anyway, I didn't feel anything for hours. The sensors on my belly were registering that I was having a contraction, but I wouldn't feel anything. My DH and I sat up and played games and I was laughing and laughing. At 1PM I was only 1cm dialated and growing nervous that I was progressing too slowly. Again, since my cervix was still pretty high, the internal exams were very uncomfortable and I dreaded when the doctor came in to "check" me. By 6pm,Saturday evening, I felt I needed some drugs, but Before they gave me drugs, my dr. had to break my water. I knew how he would do this (since they told me in a lamaze class) but I just didn't look. This was pretty uncomfortable, but did NOT hurt. (I swear, I'm telling the truth) After that, they gave me something really strong because my eyelids dropped fast, my toung felt all fat and I could barely speak. DH had to put his ear right near my mouth to hear what I wanted or needed since I could barely speak. He grabbed my hand and I fell asleep from 6:30 til 9:30. When I woke up, DH and I were in the same position that I last remember - it was like a timewarp. During my "knockout" the nurses kept increasing the Pitocin. By the time I woke up, I was recieving a level of 10 or 12 of hte medication and I was having contractions non-stop, without a break in between. I held out until 10:30 and the doctor checked me once more. I was 3cm dialated and was cleared for epidural. I was a bit nervous about the epidural because I had the shakes pretty bad. The nurses told me the shakes were from the Magnesium drip that I had (to keep my blood pressure in check), but the nurse who administered the epidural assured me that it was typical and that I would be alright (so don't worry if you think you're going to jump off the table in fear - you won't). they told me how to slouch and it was fairly fast. Honestly - it was more of a "weird" feeling than anything. It DID NOT HURT. I SWEAR! Once again, at 11:00PM I fell asleep. I woke up at 3:30am on sunday morning with a little pain on my right side (but not my left) I called the nurse, and she checked me - the babys head was all the way down on my right, but not on the left. On the left, the head was still a little behind the cervix on that side - sort of like a lip. anyway, they rolled me ot the rightso that the head could slip from the left and they let me "labor him down for a half hour. Around 4:30 we rounded up the people from the NICU as well as my doctor and began pushing. I pushed for 2 hours (seemed like a lot less than that) and our son, Zachary Andrew, was born at 6:25AM on MOTHERS DAY! He weighs 6lbs, 4.1 oz and is 19 inches long! Keep in mind, he's 6 weeks premature. He would have been a VERY LARGE boy if he went full term. Sadly though, my baby was whisked away from me shortly after birth and sent to the NICU due to labored breathing. He's currently on a respirator, but everything else is looking good. He's making great progress and I'm sure he'll be fine. I will be going home wihtout him, and I'm sure I will be an absolute wreck when that day comes (might be Tuesday). Oh, before I forget - I did have to have an episotomey, but didn't feel it when it happened. they give you cooling sprays and witch hazel pads for keeping it comfy afterward. Overall, Labor was not as scary as I thought it would be. Pushing the baby out was not painful (cannot speak for those who go au-natural) but I felt a ton of pressure. It was absolutely amazing. Thanks for all of your support and loving prayers and words of encouragement through my bedrest! I wish everyone here the best for healthy babies and easy deliveries! Love, Renee-Marie


3babies - May 15

Hi Renee Marie congratulations. Glad to hear it all went well overall! I'm sure your little boy will be home before you know it! I had my 1st baby at 35 weeks because of high bp but had to have a c/s because my cervix wasnt anywhere near ready and he was too stressed to try labour. He was much smaller than your little man though ( 4lb 8oz). I cant imagine how big Zachary would have been if you had gone to term!


tlew - May 15

IM AM SOOO HAPPY FOR YOU! ! ! ! Congrats Renee.! ! who could ask for a better Mothers Day Gift. Good luck with your new baby boy and keep in touch with your June mommies we'll still be here. BEST WISHES! ! ! :) :)


mia - May 16

congratulations and well done what a wonderful Mothers day pressie.


Dia_ - May 16

Ahhhh! Renee - congrats! I can't believe it is over for you - - but it is really just beginning :) I fondly remember when we were just first trimester-ers worrying about every single ache and pain...and here you are officially a mommy! CONGRATS!!!!! What a fabulous story! Best wishes to you and your little man!!


Tillie - May 16

Oh my gosh, I can't believe you've had your baby already!!! That's so fantastic. CONGRATULATIONS!!!


MooBaby - May 16

Oh Renee-Marie conngratulations!! You worked hard for your little one, and now he is finally here. Good luck with baby Zachary and I am so glad to hear that you are both doing well. Great story... Happy Mother's Day indeed!


Chrissy - May 16

Renee-Marie, i was so hoping you're story would be here before I go in! Thank you so much! I go in for my induction tomorrow morning (Wed) at 7am. I was 3 1/2 cm dilated and 80 % effaced when I went to the doctor yesterday, so I'm hoping it goes fast. We'll see! Good luck and congrats on your little guy! :)- C


livdea - May 17



Nita_ - May 25

Renee-Marie! Congratulations on the best Mother's day present! I didn't even know you had your baby until now when the other june mommies replied on the june thread. I;m sooo happy for you! and do keep us june mommies in the loop. Hope all is well with your baby and you!



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