My Belly Is Going To EXPLODE

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Chrissy - May 6

Just was out running some errands and decided to pick up some Culver's Chicken tenders for supper. I ate only ate of them, and now I am sooooo full that I feel like my skin is going to tear WIDE open and everything is going to spill out! I can't believe how much I have been feeling like this the last few weeks, whenever I eat, I get such a tight belly and feel like I am going to burst! This is soooo annoying! Not to mention that it makes it almost impossible to breathe! Sorry, just had to vent~!


Chrissy - May 6

OOps it was supposed to say I only ate 3 of them :)


krista-lee - May 6

i feel the same way no matter what i eat! i have to lay back against something so i have room to breathe! lol. how far along are you? im 37 weeks :)


Chrissy - May 6

HI Krista-lee. I'm 36 weeks. Must be the joys of the last month! It's been over 2 hours now since I ate and I am just NOW starting to feel like I can breathe again and that my belly won't erupt! Ugh! I am really going to have to remember to just pick at food from now on and not eat a whole "meal" because I just cant stand it! I also noticed today that my bras are getting really tight around my chest making it hard to breathe~ what the heck???!!!! I was driving home from my errands and reached back and unclasped it so it wasn't suffocating me!


krista-lee - May 6

oh god, bras! ive permanently switched to sports bras or shirts with bras in them because the bra wont hook, and when i buy a bigger bra, the cups are too big! and i cant breath wearing the smaller ones either. and underwires are a big pain in the b___t lol. it helps a lot that my babys droped, that that doesnt stop him/her from taking a few nice kicks under my ribs! i almost got the wind knocked out of me!


Alycia - May 7

Get a bra extender - they're lifesavers before the baby drops. Incidentally, my bra suddenly fitting again was my first clue the baby HAD dropped...


ash2 - May 8

usually when the baby drops it gets better and you can eat again .....


AML - May 8 that a resturant? Chrissy where do you live?


Chrissy - May 8

Yep Culvers is a fast food restaurant. (I know I shouldn't be eating bad for me food, but I couldn't help it!!!) I live in Wisconsin, how about you??


Nita_ - May 9

I'm 33 weeks only and I do feel like my tummy is going to explode after I have my lunch/dinner. and yes, breathing gets difficult too. Bras have gotten tighter as well around the rib cage!! I ended up buying ones without underwire (read it somewhere when I first learnt I was pregnant). Bra extenders..i've not seen them before. Where do you get them? And how much do they cost typically? I don't want to be spending a fortune(not that I haven't already!) for items that I'd only use maybe 5-6 weeks tops!


Justina - May 10

OMG..Chrissy, I love Culvers! You just gave me the biggest craving for their fried cheese curds. I'm an Iowa girl, myself, now living in Texas and have been missing Culvers so much! I know how you feel, too. Whenever I eat now I feel like that part in the old Gremlins movies when the Gremlins got wet and swolled up and hatched. I just don't see how my tummy can get any bigger without something giving.


GLORIA - May 10

Chrissy, Hey girl I know how you feel theis is my 4th preg. [3rd was a molar (I was only preg. for 3 1/2 mo.s)/ had 2 other healthy preg.s before that and gave birth to 2 healthy boys.) But anyway...I never had any problems with my boys. I did'nt even get stretchmarks. Lord only knows why I did'nt. Because i am very thin naturally. My normal pre-pregnancy and never had babies yet weight was 126 and I am 5'8". Now I am 29 weeks along with boy #3. And my stomach feels how you described. My skin will hurt so I just keep putting on the lotion. And I will lay down on my side. I am bigger now at 29 weeks than I ever was with my other boys at full term. Plus he moves a lot! I can't believe I have 2 more months to go. I don't mind if I get a stretch mark or two.But I have seen some horrible ones on my sisters and about scary! That was birth control enough for me until I was 23....LOL...


Chrissy - May 10

Justina, Loved the Gremlins a___logy!!!



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