My Belly Size

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kayme - November 25

hi? iam six month but looks like 3,is there something wrong,or is my baby just growing slow?


Michelle - November 25

Everyone is different some people are small throughout the whole pregnancy and some people are big. I am 29 weeks and a friend of mine never got as big as I am now! Have you had a sonogram yet? They will tell you then if the baby is growing slow. Good luck.


Mariela - November 27

Hey, im 33 weeks pregnant and look like im almost 5 mo. Im really small but the doctors say im measuring up normal, so unless the doctor has said anything i wouldnt worry, every woman carries differently. But if u're still concerned just ask your doctor about it.


estee - November 27

i am 4 months and barely showing. i guess everybody is different and we're on the small end! that's probably good (well, as long as your midwife / doctor doesnt say otherwise), that way we have less to carry and (hopefully) won't get streched out like crazy ;) all the best to you anyways...


Lola - November 27

This is my first baby and I didn't show right away either. I kept asking the doctor if everything was okay and he said that the sonogram and my measurments were fine. Everyone carries differently and when I reach 8 months he said I will be complaining I am to big! Well now I am 37 weeks and I am complaining! I woke up and there it was, I popped out of nowhere. everyweek I am weighted at my appointments and it seems I gain 2-3 pounds each time. I guess it is better to gain it all at the end. Good Luck!


Elaine - December 10

As long as your GP and Midwife tell you everything is ok do not worry. However, during my first pregnancy, i was small up to 24 weeks and it turned out i had pre-eclampsia which resulted in my baby's death weighing only 450grammes. A later test on the placenta showed that the placenta had actually broken down an the baby was small. If you have any worries always consult.


chuck - December 28

my gf is 6 months pregnant and barely looks pregnant. docs say that everything is measuring good so im not worried. she thinks of it as lucky.


vanessa - December 29

i read a book i really recommend called what to expect when expecting and there is a simalr question heres the answer-it really doesnt matter what the size of your belly is it doesnt mean the baby is not growing.every woman is different,its whats inside not whats outside dont worry you are fine i had the same problem,now im 31 weeks and out of nowhere have a huge belly!!!


t - December 30

some girls are dont get big untill the last two months.


Belinda - January 8

I am now 15 weeks and seem to be smaller than a week ago, by quite a bit....not sure what that means but have no pain or bleeding so presume all ok.


jill - January 30

im gonna be 7 months next week and my belly looks like its 5 months should i worry


terrie - January 31

everyone is diffrent so dont worry!


Deserri Moronez - February 1

im pretty sure nothing is wrong the doctors told me that the baby really dont start to grow if you know what i mean until the last 3 to 4 months of the pregnancy.


Jessica - February 2

I just went to the doctor today and when he measured my belly he said i am measuring to be 38 weeks when in reality I am only 33 weeks and 3 days


Alicia - February 15

I am now 5 months pregnant and I have a little stomach everyone keep saying that when they were in their 5 month their stomach was bigger than mine is something wrong with having a small stomach at 5 months


Lori - February 16

I am 36.5 weeks and my belly is measuring 32.5 weeks. Should I worry. Her heartbest is strong and she is still moving around!! Please let me know if I should worry!! Thanks


Jamie - February 20

I just wanted to say to Lori that I am going through the same thing, I am 35 wks pregnant and measuring 31. I was told it can be the baby's position, or at our stage of pregnancy the baby could be starting to drop down into the pelvis. I was also told that if the heartbeat is strong and the baby has been growing well all along then you shouldn't worry. I'm going for an ultrasound in 2wks just to make sure.



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