My Big Baby Is Here

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joy28 - April 5

My son was born Mon March 31st, one day after his due date and one day before his scheduled c section. I went in for an u/s a week earlier and they told me he was measuring 9lbs 7ozs. They weren't far off!! Caleb Marcial was born at 3:50pm, weighing 9lbs 11ozs, 20.5 in. The Csection wasn't nearly as bad as I feared and I think I'm recovering well. I can' t believe that you can love this new person so much so fast. And watching my husband transform into a father just makes my love for him grown even more. Congrats to all the other new mothers and Best of luck to those who are almost there, It is a truly amazing experience!


mjvdec01 - April 5

Congratulations!!! I have a two year old daughter who was born v____ally, and I am currently 24 weeks 2 days pregnant with my second. I am deathly afraid of a c-section. Can you try to explain what the pain is like? What do you mean when you say it isn't as bad as you feared it would be? With my daughter there were decels and they were thinking c-section, I'm just afraid. I know what you mean when you say you love them so much so fast. I remember watching my daughter sleeping in the swing at just a few days old and actually saying out loud to my self, "I love my baby", then I would go get her and she would sleep on my chest. I can't wait to have my little guy. I am so excited to have another baby. How are you adjusting?


joy28 - April 7

The pain, atleast for me, was very minimal! I think I was lucky. I barely started my labor since they already had planned on the c section. I felt nothing during the surgery, barely even the pressure they tell you about. Afterwards, I was moving pretty slow, It was sore and achy but bearable. I went home on day 4 and sometimes forget to take my pain meds and it's still achy and sore but again, not bad. I hope if that's the route you go, it's as mild as mine! As for adjusting, we have more good times than bad. We had our first awake ALL NIGHT night yesterday, but he's so darn cute, it's okay!


mjvdec01 - April 8

Haha, I remember those awake all night, nights. They aren't so cute after a week or so. It sounds like you are doing really well. I am glad things for you haven't been bad. I hope that if I have to go that route that it is as easy for me. Get some rest and keep me posted on how you and your little man are doing. :o}


joy28 - April 9

So mjvdec01, it's been 2 nights All awake and you're right, not so cute anymore. We're getting frustrated cause it during the day, he eats 20-25 min each side, goes to sleep or hangs out. But at night, he eats the same but 30 minutes later ( if we're lucky) he's up and crying again and the pnly thing stopping him is feeding again. If I keep him on my chest, he'll go back to sleep but I don't feel comfortable sleeping with him in our bed. I'm terrified of smothering him. But if I try to put him down he becomes absolutely hysterical!! We're getting no sleep and I'm trying to be patient because I think that's te only reason my hubby hasn't lost it. I've been posting on the b___stfeeding and infant care boards for advice so anything you may have is welcome!



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