My Big Boy

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Amanda - January 19

I just wanted to let everyone know about my labor story. I know the many people are always curious about how other's labor goes. Well I went in to be induced on December 19th at 5:30 a/m. I was 3 cm then and about 75% effaced. They started me on pitocin and at 8:30 my doctor broke my water. I started having really bad back labor and I was trying to get up and walk and rock in the rocking chair. The rocking chair seemed to be helping the most with dialation ( I was not dialating). So she checked me at 11:30 and I was only 4 cm dialted. Well my back hurt so bad that I could no longer wait on the epidural. So I got the epidural then and I was in heaven after that. I tried to get some rest but with the anticipation of the new little guy I could hardly sleep. They kept checking me about every 2 hours and I was making no progress. They kept increasing my pitocin and it was not helping. They had me in all different kind of positions indian style, on all 4's and nothing seemed to be helping. In the mean time because I was in so many different positions my epidural ended up coming out at about 11:30 pm I ended up having to get another epidural and I was only 5-6 cm dialated at this time. Then all of a sudden I started to have a ton of pressure and back labor kicked in again. The epidural did nothing for my back just made me numb down low. I went from 5-10 cm in about 2 hours and I started pushing at 1:10 a/m and I pushed and pushed for 2 hours on my own making no progress. We knew that they baby was coming out face up instead of face down like he should have been...which explained my back labor because the back of his head was pushing down on my spine intead of his soft face. They decided to use the vacc_m and at this point I just wanted him out. So they hooked up the vacc_m at 2:50 a/m and Kale Rayman was born at 3:15 a/m on December 20th after 22 hours of labor. He weighed in at 10 pounds even and 21 inches long and that was a week EARLY! No wonder I had such a hard time. But he was worth every minute of it. Also the doctors do not know why he was so big. My doctor expected 8 pounds but certainly not 10. I did not have gestational diabetes and I only gained 40 pounds so he was just well taken care of in the womb :) I hope you all have an easier labor then mine, but just remember while you are laying there in pain that you will have a precious miracle and it will all be worth it...but also remember you will never ever forget the pain no matter what anyone says!


Rachael - January 19

Just so those of you expecting big babies don't worry, when I was born I weighed 10.5 pounds. I was born at home and my mum was in labour for less than an hour, and had no pain relief (no time!) So, big babes aren't necessarily going to mean nightmare deliveries! Congratulations to you though Amanda! Sounds like you worked incredibly hard for your beautiful boy!


Beth - January 19

Amber thanks so much for sharing! Congrats on your beautiful baby boy. Your labor sounds like what my dr predicts mine will be. If you don't mind me asking....How did the vacuum effect your son? Did you get an episiotmy or rip because of the vacuum?


Girl Gilly - January 19

Amanda - 10 pounds! Wow! Good for you for making it through 22 hours of labour. You are completely right - all the hard work has a definite payoff! Congrats to you and enjoy your little big boy!


JennyC - January 19

Congratulations and thank you for sharing your story!!


Kel - January 19

WOW - Congratulations! Enjoy your time with your new little one!!


Amanda - January 19

To Beth: The doctor explained to me the pros and cons of the vacc_m before she did it. To tell the truth I don't remember a word she said about it, I just wanted him out! But he did get jaundice really bad a few days after he was born and had to be put in the hospital and put under the bili lights and that was caused by the vacc_m. My mom said she rememberd the doctor saying that the vacc_m could cause jaundice but that it could be treated. He did get a bruise on the crown of his head also which is still there to this day. It doesn't really look like a bruise it is just a big red spot. His pediatrician said it will go away around 8 weeks or so. I did have to get an episiotomy but not a very big one. I think with his size that I would have had to get one whether the vacc_m was used or not.


mel - January 19

you go girl. give yourself a big pat on the back!!! congrats.


andrea - January 19

22 hours?!? WOW! Thanks for sharing your story! Congrats.



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