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Lindsey - June 17

My waters broke at 2am on Tuesday morning, i went into the hospital and they said to come back when the contractions are 3-4 minutes apart. At 8am I went in, by 8:30 contractions were 2 minutes apart and were quite strong. The pain started getting worse so I had gas and air, at 13:00 gas and air was no longer good enough, so I had pethadine - this did not take any effect so i had an epidural. The actual epi was fine and I can honestly say the local injection was more painful than the epi. Well i was then examined and they really I hadn't progressed, i was still only 4cm. I had a drip and they put in a hormone drip that is supposed to make contractions to move me along. I was reexamined at 20:00 and I was 7cm. At midnight i was fully dialated, for some reason they then made me wait an hour before I was ready to push. So at 1am i pushed and exactly 1 hour and 36 minutes later my little man was pushed into the world The final push pain was the worse one, it was excruiating, but it was only the last push and when my little man was put on me, it was all worth it. I have named my little boy George David, he weighed 7lb 9oz and was born at 02:36 on 15th June (my own birthday). So it was the best birthday present ever. To sum up labour, it hurt - it hurt more than I could ever of imagined and it was tiring. We are now home and trying to settle into home life. Good luck to you all, see you on infant care soon xxxx


Lorikap - June 17

Congratulations Lindsey! Thanks for telling your story and good luck with you little man!


ashley - June 17

lindsay are you kidding me?? Your water broke and they told you to come back?? My water broke about 2am with my daughter and they wanted me to come in right away because of the risk for infection if labor progresses to long. Anyway... that baffles me. Congrats on the birth of your new baby. I think the reason they made you wait an hour was to let some of the epi wear off so you could feel to push.


miraclebaby - June 17

congrats to you, I am so happy for you, why did the labor hurt with the epi, do you mean before ? did it wear off? or during. anyways enjoy him and oh thats pretty cool to have him on your B-day!!!


Trinity102203 - June 18

Same here about my waters. They made me go right in too, and besides that I would have had to sit in a bathtub if I had gone home because i was gushing everywhere. Good luck with your little boy. Congrats. I am truely the only one left overdue.


Nita_ - June 19

Ohh congrats Lindsey!! So happy for you. Enjoy your little bundle of joy!!!


Tillie - June 19

Congrats Lindsay!! See you over on the infant care forum!


MelG - June 19

Hey Tillie - I was wondering how things went with you. You had the induction right? How did that go?


mommie2b - June 20

Congrats lindsey I am happy for you.


lindsay - June 21

congrats, lindsey! happy birthday! what a sweet story... enjoy baby george and i'm sure i'll be talking to ya!


angelbebe - June 21

Yeah!! Congrats!! Settling into home life. Ha! Yeah, I hear you. We have had guest after guest and I think finally we are starting to get some sort of order back. see ya on infant care!


Tillie - June 21

Hi MelG! The induction went beautifully! I posted a birth story around the 8th. It was SUCH a terrific birth; I would love to ease anyone's mind about induction--it wasn't even remotely awful. Are you due soon? I'm looking forward to your story!


isabel - June 22

hello everyone. I am so happy that i found this website .My name is Isabel and i am 36 weeks and 5 days . I am supposed to be due on JULy 15, but i am hopping for earlier . It is becoming so heavy now. Congratulation to you Lindsey and best luck to all of you.


Jenn2 - June 22

Congratulations Lindsey! I am glad to see everything went well for you. I ended up getting the epidural as well. Those last few centimeters were tough. I did not get the epi until I was about 8cm, and could hardly bear the pain. Everything else went well though. I'm sure I will see you around some more on this site. I will probably post under another topic now since I am no longer pregnant. good luck with everyting!!



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