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dueJan1607 - January 20

Well, it started on Monday at midnight. After weeks of cramping, I lost my mucous plug at midnight and immediately the contractions started. I was already 2.5 cm dilated. Contractions were 7-8 minutes apart for an hour and completely bearable. Soon they changed to 5 minutes apart and at 3:00 am we left for the hospital. When we got there, contractions were 3 minutes apart. I was assessed and was 5 cm dilated. I sat in the jacuzzi tub for about 2.5 hours. When I came out, I was only 5.5 cm. How dissappointing! They broke my water to speed things up. That's when the contractions started to hurt more. I was determined to go natural. It still took about 4 hours to reach 10 cm. The last contractions were quite rough, but I managed to get through them. My husband was a GREAT support. I pushed for about 1 hour and then Ava made her way into this world at 11:00 am. The whole birth was the most wonderful experience for me! Sure it hurt, but it was so amazing to have her in my arms! She was 7 lbs.15 oz.. Thanks to all of you for sharing your advice and support these past 9 months! Good luck to all those who have yet to deliver! I was nervous beforehand, but to me it wasn't all that bad!


tritty - January 20

congrats on your little girl! that's so awesome that you were able to go natural. that's what i really want and i'm hoping with the proper support (and circ_mstances) that i'll be able to have the birth i hope for. good luck with your new addition!


Sonrisa - January 20

I am so glad to hear that you were able to do it Natural. I hear the recovery is much better. Congrats!


nanders - January 20

Congrats on your new baby girl!!!! I must say your story has helped eased some of my fears!!! Everyone only seems to post the horror stories, so your's was just what I needed to hear! This is my first baby and I'm so nervous of the delivery! Thanks!


maryl14 - January 21

congrads to you on your little girl sound like your labor was a good one



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