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absrose - January 30

finally, i have time to sit down and post my story. my due date was 1/4/07 and hannah rae came into the world on 1/7/07 at 8:22pm. i started having strong contractions at 3am on 1/6. but they were only 20 minutes apart and didnt get closer. i couldn't walk or talk through them. so i went about my day on no sleep and miserable. my mom, who had been in town since christmas, had a party to go to 2 hours away. since my contractions weren't getting closer, she went. at 11:30pm i lost my mucus plug and my contractions came every 7-10 minutes. i knew it was too early to go the hospital but by 2am on the 7th i was exhasted for not sleeping and in pain. i called the on call doc and he said to go ahead and go in because they could at least give me somthing to sleep. my mom then drove back over at 3am. the hospital kept me in triage because i was only 1cm (i had been closed just 1 day before) and 80% effaced. since they were going to induce me the following day they kept me there until my doc came on-call. he came in at 7am where i was still at a 1, but 100% effaced and hannah was at a station 1. he told me he would have me admitted and help me along. they broke my water at 9am. i had strong contractions for 4hours, i was on pitocin. no pain m eds during that time. at 1:30pm they checked me and i was at a 3. because i have heart problems they needed to due an epidural, not that i complained. i slept some and then at 7:30 or so i was complete and she was at a station +2. i pushed for 35 minutes, with the epi on, which was wierd because i didn't have the urge to push, and she came into the world. it is so wonderful. i am so tired though. good luck to all you mommies out there! thanks for all the support.


Danielle19 - January 30

congrads!!! how big was she?


disneymommy79 - January 31

Congrads!!! on your little one :)



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