My C Section This Wednesday Already

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Mariefe - October 28

Hello ladies, i been here for a year reading your useful threads and i really learned a lot from your shared experiences and tips about pregnancy. Thanks to all of you who are so kind to answer all my posted questions. I love this 3rd trimester topics. Ladies here are very could i take you all for a coffee or tea :)? Well, my c-section is already scheduled this wednesday (to be 38.4weeks) 31st of Oct due to breech baby. . My due date is supposed to be Nov 10 but its already erased and ill be joining Oct moms in the last minute. Im little afraid but very excited too. I know its normal to feel worried as i never been through this before. Its my first baby after 10 yrs of marriage. We are so excited to finally have a bundle of joy! I hope to share with you my baby birth story soon. Wish me luck and pray for me and my baby girl. Thank you!


kim00 - October 28

Congrats and hope everything goes well for you and your family!!!!!!


Krissy25 - October 28

Mariefe good luck to you. I too had to have a c-section because of a breech baby. It was supposed to be Aug 22, but my water broke Aug. 6th and i started to go into labor. I was so happy b/c i was so done with being pregnant. Having a c-section is a snap, but the recovery is a little hard, just take it easy and let your dh and family do everything for you. BTW how cool is that to have a halloween baby!


Greeklady28 - October 29

How exciting! 9 months seems so slow, yet it goes by so fast. Come back and share your birth story with us.


tish212 - October 29

that is so wonderful that ur day is only 2 days away...u will get to meet ur lil one soon! and what a neat date....I'm sure u will do great... and congrats...let us know how it goes... :)


staci - October 29

Best wishes mariefe!!!!!


Mariefe - October 29

Thank you very much ladies for your thoughts and wishes! I only have one day left for my c-section preparation. My brain is full of baby thoughts right now.. Im super excited and dont know really what to expect to happen on that big day. I have done so much cleaning and preparing the house lately and still feels it isnt enough! I think its just the nesting instinct?! I have to finalise my hospital bag packing right now, do the last laundry of my husband office attires as im unable to do it for weeks i guess and get a good nap this afternoon. My husband still does not know the gender of his baby yet so its gonna be a big surprise for him when he finally finds that he will get a holloween baby girl (he did not want to know it as he wants a surprise so i kept it secret to anyone except here)! My family and his family are dying to know the gender of our baby too but i managed to not reveal it till its here (its tough secret)! Im sure they are happy as me for a baby girl. Im not 100% sure really if it is a baby girl as i only asked my doctor to find out the gender once at 25 weeks. Hope to share with your my baby birth story soon and that everything goes well.



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