My Confession

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mjvdec01 - June 17

Okay, first off, I am going to be 35 weeks on thursday. This afternoon my 28 month old daughter asked for french toast for lunch. I told her no and fed her spinach instead (which she loves). Then all of the sudden french toast made with eggs, milk, sugar,and cinnamon started sounding really good. I tried to resist and have a PB&J and a piece of fruit, but, I failed. I ended up putting dd at the table facing the TV to eat her lunch, so I could have the very thing I refused her. I am ashamed to say that I ate 5 PIECES COVERED IN BUTTER AND POWDERED SUGAR! My daughter never noticed and she is still watching Mickey Mouse Club House. I have been doing so well with eating healthy and staying away from c__p food, but I couldn't help myself, and now I feel as though I have a guilty look on my face- like she will know or something. I can't believe I did that.


iemc19 - June 17

HAHA Too funny!!! Shame on you!! LOL....I do that sometimes and I don't have the excuse of being pregnant ! But my eldest catches me out and I end up making whatever it is for the whole house...


softbreeze200 - June 17

LMFAO!!!! Ohhh mjvdec!!! That is hilarious!! I am sure that she will never know the difference unless one day when she is older you tell her. And French toast is not allthat bad for you either!! Maybe 5 peices and the icing suger didn't help, but allin all it is pretty safe!! I tend to have that lots lately as it is one thing that doesn't fire up my heartburn! But lol!! I can just picture you sitting behind her eating it!! You are ent_tled and don't feel bad about it!! Thanks for the giggle this afternoon!!! :)


mjvdec01 - June 17

I totally stood right behind her and ate all of it! I feel like such a fat piggie. I still can't look her in the face without laughing. I am definitely not telling my hubby what I did.



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