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Lesley - October 14

9 days today till my due date. I am feeling quite well, but uncomfortable. I still haven't got that nesting feeling. Maybe that has something to do with having 2 very young chldren to look after. My br___ts are really sore now, but I ease that by gently massaging them. I can't believe I'm finally down to single figures!!


Shannon - October 14

hi! we have the same due date!! i feel the same way about single digits. my b___sts dont hurt but maybe it's becuz this is my first. i feel very uncomfortable once in a while becuz of pressure and pelvic pains, but not too bad either. anyway, good luck!


Tammy - October 14

Leslie- I am in the single digits also. Having my little one on Friday, 10/21. I cannot wait. My tummy has definitely dropped overnight. I can breathe a little easier and the pressure seems better.Good luck to you and Shannon! Easy deliveries to you both!


Lesley - October 15

Well 8 days today. I was up most of the night with heartburn :-(. Its not 10:45am and I am feeling really warn out, and I haven't done much at all! My partner is still in bed, he says he deserves a lie in today cos he has been working all week! I'm going to get him up in a bit, he doesn't realise I could go into labour any time now, and what good will I be being thi tired!


Lesley - October 15

LOL where it says its not 10:45 meant to say its now!


Lesley - October 15

Well.. I had a few hours sleep earlier, feel loads better now. Just wish my baby was here :-( Iwant to meet him n cuddle him. I hope this week flys over.


Shannon - October 16

hey, lesley, i noticed u haven't written anything in ur countdown yet. today's first day of the 39th week for us, 7 more left! :-) wondering if u went into labor already.... before if u did i'm insanely jealous!


Lesley - October 17

Well 6 days to go. Didn't write anything yesterday, was too busy sorting out the bedrooms. I feel as though I could do some more cleaning and scrubbing I actually have energy *yay*. No signs of labour yet, but I didn't really get any to say I was going to go in the last 2 times either.


Lesley - October 18

Only a quick entry for the min. It's 8:00am and I am getting ready to go christmas shopping. I want the most of it doing before baby comes. I had a very bed night sleep. I know that when I went into labour with my youngest I was restless for a couple of nights, so hopefully this is the beginning of the end (of my pregnancy :-P) Only 5 days to go. I have convinced myself that I am going to go over, I just hope it's not by much. I'll write some more when I get back, kinda in a rush xxxxx


Shannon - October 18

5 days for us lesley! pretty exciting stuff. i've been home all day but i've been cleaning like crazy, not from any sort of nesting instinct really as much as the hope that activity will speed things along. of course now my feet hurt lol. i've been sleeping horribly the last few days too. then after i eat breakfast in the morning i conk out for an hour. i hope i don't go over *crossing my fingers*, at least not by much if at all. wow! christmas shopping already!! that's so ambitious, i haven't even begun to think about it. good luck with ur shopping and with getting some decent sleep.


Lesley - October 19

Just had my last midwife appointment. If I need to see her again in my pregnancy it will be for membrane sweep, and I will be getting that done 30/10. Home visit for that though. I hpe it doesn't coem to that though. I have been very restless the last few days. Last night I managed 5 hours sleep, which I am happ with. I still have no nestig instinct, but I will be doing loads of scrubbing in hope it helps me too LOL!!!!


Lesley - October 21

2 days to go till my due date. I am restless, forever tired and really emotional now. All day yesterday I cleaned. Wasn't a nesting instinct, I had to force myself to do it.


sian - October 21

hey how are you?im due tomorrow so i know how your feeling!!im having a little boy (well, so they say) i have 2 little girls aged 2 and am gonna be quite busy! i hope tonight will be the night!..goodluck ladies!


Lesley - October 21

Hi sian, I have 2 children too. A son who is 4 and a daughter who is almost 18 months. All I have been able to do is sleep today. Shannon, have you had your baby? You haven't posted in a few days, hope you well :-). Good luck sian with the delivery.


Shannon - October 21

nah, no baby yet. i'm hoping soon though. i've been super bored lately when my husband's at work so i've busied myself with errands for most of the day and now i'm pooped. for a second today i thought my water broke but it just turned out to be urine leakage. yuck. i'm gonna try to nap now.


Ashlie - October 21

Wow you girls only have like a day left until your due date, that must be soo exciting, anyone being induced? I am on the 26th (39wks) so I have about 4 1/2 days to go lol I can just remember a month ago when I was saying okay only 4 1/2 weeks to go, I cant believe ive made it this far. Lesley that was a good idea to go xmas shopping before the baby gets here, my first son was born the 14th of october (2 yrs ago) and I remember going out the day after thanksgiving and getting it all done while he was at home sleeping with dad. Good luck girls! Yah!! :)


Lesley - October 22

You don't get indunced in my area unless there is something wrong, or you are 14 days late. I am due tomorrow :-) I cannot believe it! Looking back it seems to of flew. I am getting a lot of cramps and pains now. I hope my time is soon. I have got my things piled on my bed just need to put them in my hospital bag. 1 day to go and it's still not done - ooops - Most of yesterday I slept, and cos of that I couldn't get to sleep last night, so I had a bad night sleep again. Awww I just want my baby :-(



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