My Dh Wont Be Able To Help Me In The Delivery Room

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Mariefe - October 17

My husband cant see blood as if he sees blood he could faint. He told me that he is sorry that he cant be with me in the operating room till the first minutes of giving birth or until the baby is cleaned. He just cant see blood. So, ill have no one to comfort me in there except the doctors. I'll be cutting the baby's cord too in that case. Im a bit worried of my husband when he just be staying outside gets worried about me. I plan to bring something like book for him to read or his mp3 music to keep his mind occupied. We dont have relatives close by to be with us. They are so far away. We dont want to have friends in the hospital on that day as we want the birth of our 1st baby to happen privately. They could come to visit only after a day or two when our baby is finally here. Anything i could do to keep my husband relax and not be worried on my delivery date? I am not scared of birthing.. i just want my husband and my baby to be alright at the end. Im sure i can do it.. anyone been through this case? What did you do? Thanks!


reblurich - October 17

My ex and I had this problem, when My daughter was born 10years ago. He sat in a chair facing the door. While my mom cut the cord. He was there all the way up until the pushing point. they are really good about keeping you covered up if people dont want to see all of it.


foxxy mommy - October 17

honestly for the rest of his life hes gonna kick himself in the b___t for letting a fear of blood keep him from being there when his child is born. there are MANY ways that he can be in the room without seeing any blood! he could just stand by your head for support and nurses will be on the "receiving" end, but you need SOMEONE there for you!! just make sure that when you check into triage-before you get to your own room- that you explain the situation in entirety to them and they will be able to accomodate you! make sure they know to let you see the baby and then take it straight for cleaning and let them know that your hubby will only be by your head the whole time so you will need full attention from the staff. even if your not scared of birthing, this being your first child and all, you never know whats gonna happen when you get in that room. there is no proof positive way to know, and your emotiions are gonna be all over the place. it sounds like you guys want this to be a very special occasion considering you want no one else in the hospital on that day. you should include him for his sake and yours. just my opinion, but do dome research and talk to l/d before you rule him out of the room. good luck! xoxo


jennifer_33106 - October 17

Also, I have heard that there is not a lot of blood during delivery. Very minimal in fact. I could be wrong as that is hear say but he shouldnt let the fear of blood keep him from seeing his child born. GL and I hope he can get through it!


DDT - October 18

jennifer_33106: I think the amount of blood you lose is different for every woman. I didn't lose that much...I mean it wasn't gushing out. After you've given birth they suction out a lot of the blood through a tube so you don't even see it really. On the other hand my cousin just gave birth to her 2nd and lost 3 liters of blood. Very bloody. Mariefe: I don't think you should be worrying about your husband. I don't really understand why he would choose to miss the birth of his first-born. My df is not fond of one is really...but he was right down there helping me through it all. It's such a wonderful moment to share with your dh. I think you - or he - may regret it later on. Hopefully he changes his mind! Good luck!


J.J. - October 18

I'm going to be cra__s here....but tell him to suck it up!! So he can't see blood, i'm sorry but you are pushing a human being out of you!! Deal with it!! Back in the day, daddies sat in the waiting rooms and handed out cigars, but no longer. I can't imagine not having my husband there to share the joy, wonder, pain, everything. The nurses will get you thru but it's not the same as having your husband, life partner, signif other, close family member there at your side all the time.


Steph - October 18

I think that him being in the room with you until you start pushing is going to work out the best for both him and you. Quite frankly, during both of my children's births and the actual pushing stage and delivery, the nurses were more comfort to me than my husband was! He wasn't really sure what to do, and did his best, but I really depended on the nurses and listened to them. He even could be in the room while your giving birth, but like reblurich said, he could face the door or the wall. Good luck! ;o)


Pearl - October 18

My husband is squeamish as well. I am having a c-section (again--2 previous) on Wednesday and my husband wouldn't miss it for the world! You can have the nurses take the baby and clean him/her before you guys hold him/her if you'd like. I would explain the situation to the nurses and your doctor and see if they can come up with a solution. He wouldn't be the first man to, but I think all of you would regret it if he missed such a perfect moment in time. Good Luck!


evae777 - October 18

my husband is the same way, he was askingme if he has to be there and see the whole thing that it seems so scary. i told him that at least he doesnt have to be the one actually giving birth. what a wimp! i'm wimpy too, and he's not being brave for me either. but its without a doubt he will be in there. he can look away, but i am going to make sure he doesnt miss this one! this way he can see what we go through and appreciate the miracle of birth!


Mariefe - October 18

Thank you ladies for your posted answers. He is really scared to see blood! I had an experience with him when we watch a brutal/horror movie. He fainted while we were in the middle of watching the movie. He doesnt want it to happen again and i have to respect his condition. He'll be by the door outside to monitor me. He said he'll leave it to the experts as they know better and i shouldnt be worried. He'll explain to the doctors and nurses. Anyway, I still think he would be different when the labor comes as this is the most precious moment he shouldnt miss.



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