My Fingers Hurt

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Heidi - August 31

The last couple days I wake up at night and stretch my hands out and they just ache!!!! Like I've been knitting for a week or something and they're really sore. I don't know from what though? I haven't been doing anything out of the ordinary. Is this normal? I also feel such fatigue in my legs sometimes. Like I'll get up to walk and they feel so weak. I'm 33 wks. I can't wait for my body to go back to normal. If I squat down on my calves it feels like they're going to pop. Like they're really tight feeling and swollen or something!!!!


sara - August 31

me too, I thinks it is swelling. I haven't seen my ankle bones in 2 months and the swelling just keeps going up, even my face is swollen. the skin on my feet is so streched and red it feels like a sunburn. Dr said as long is blood pressure is fine, the swelling is normal.


Heidi - August 31

I don't look swollen or anything, just really sore hands and feet. Ouch! Not to mention I can't get my ring off my finger and I'm starting to worry that I'll swell up towards the end and have to have it cut off!!! I've tried everything too.


sara - August 31

I waited too long and had to have mine cut off. It was a hard decision to make but my finger was purple.


Heidi - August 31

Oh god, could it be fixed once it was cut or was it ruined???


Justine - August 31

I'm 30 weeks and I don't have sore hands but they itch often. Last night I had pins and needles in my left hand all night which didn't go until lunchtime today (well my 3rd lunchtime!). I get legs cramps sometimes too but I'm not swollen at all though. I think its normal.


miranda - August 31

It's swelling and carpel tunnel syndrome. Mine get worse every day! Thankfully it goes away after delivery.


Heidi K - September 4

I am 36 weeks and I get a painful tingling in my fingers with the swelling! It drives me crazy! I can NOT write or use my hands for very long...and it starts right when I wake up! I have heard it could be a sign of preclampsia?



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