My First Baby Is My Yorkshire Terrier

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Lenore - November 22

I am very worried about how my 3 year old Yorkie is going to accept a baby coming into the house. I have spoiled my dog to pieces all of these years and she is extremly jealous when I give anyone but her attention. My girlfriend was over the other day with her 6 month old, and my dog barked the whole time that I was holding the baby. I will not neglect my dog once the baby is here, but it's obvious she will not be number one.I am not worried about her hurting the baby as she does not have a vicious bone in her body but i do know she will be very depressed. Anyone else have similar experience or advice. Thanks


Hi Lenore - November 22

We had a similiar discussion under the feb moms thread. We all have first "babies" that are very spoiled. My little weiner dog is the center of attention. He always has to be. He is going to be especially jelous of my dh bcuz he is even jealous when dh gives me attention. Anyhoo a couple of tips that I liked: let your dog smell baby's things, get a fake doll that cries and get dog used to the sound, give your dog treats while holding the baby, let your dog smell the baby. I am really worried too. My dog has had no contact w/ babies and very little w/ toddlers. He just barks at em too! Good luck


Sue - November 23

My first baby is a 90 pound mixed breed dog. He is around children often my nephew and Goddaughter. He's good, he isn't food, treat, or toy aggressive. He does get annoyed when the little ones insist on "hugging" or "tickling" him but he just gets up and walks away. I plan on sending my husband home from the hospital with a blanket but as we finish up the room I plan on giving him full access, I'll leave the door open, let him sleep in there and just get used to it. I wish you both luck w/ your furry babies and new babies. If you have any problems look into taking them to training. Petsmart has great programs so do some of the local shelters. One more thing, this is corny but, I'm going to make him a scarf to wear that says "I'm the big brother" this way when people come over they'll see that and comment on that as well as the new baby.



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