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Mary - August 24

Just wanted to say h__lo to everyone. Today is officially my first day of the last trimester. I'm due on November 15th. We are having our first child, and IT'S A BOY!!!!! So good luck and health to everyone. And I will be chatting along with you all. :-) KEEP SMILING


Nancy - August 24

Hi Mary. I have also just started the third trimester and am due on November 14th! Also a boy! Congratulations!


Sasha - August 24

What a coincidence, I am also due on the 15th Nov :) Its our first and its a girl. Best Wishes to all !


Krissy - August 24

Hi Mary I'm due November 23! It's a girl!! But welcome to the forum!


Tina - August 24

Hi I am due Nov 20 and am having a girl! Congrats all!


Jennifer - August 24

Hi, well Im due in 4 weeks Sept 22, but I thought I'd still say hi and welcome you guys to third trimester. You're 2/3 the way there! Its been tough for me but Im starting to see more and more that its all gonna be well worth it!! :-)


Tina - August 26

Hello Mary and welcome. I'm at 37 weeks, due on September 23rd. I can't wait to meet my little one. Not sure whether I'm having a little boy or a little girl but I am so excited and nervous, obviously this is my first child.


susie - August 26

awww mary congratulations... Im 29weeks pregnant and just into my last trimester so im over the moon that ive gotten this far, im due on november the 9th and its our first baby... i found out that im having a wee boy so im over the moon cos i think wee boys are lovely for the first but thats only my opinion... GOOD LUCK GIRLS.... love susie in northern ireland xxxx <3 <3 <3 <3


C - August 26

Hello, everyone. Just wondering how many weeks is considered the third trimester. I am 27 weeks tomorrow and due on 11/26 (with a boy.) According to my one book, it is like 28 weeks, and according to my WedMD pregnancy calendar it is 26w1d- LOL! I've been pretty much purusing the Third Trimester Forum lately just because I find more info/questions here that are relevant to where I am in my pregnancy now than on the Second Trimester Forum.


C - August 26

P.S. Congrats to everyone else who've made it this far- we're in for the home stretch!



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