My Foot Keeps Falling Asleep

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Mellissa - May 21

hey everyone, i just had a quick question. i am 31 weeks and for the last week my left foot has been falling asleep constantly, especially when i am sitting down. i noticed this morning that my feet and hands are slightly swollen and my hands hurt when i bend my fingers (kinda like they're really dry and need lotion). i've been drinking TONS of water because my midwife said i should be drinking a gallon a day. i haven't been eating anything salty, and i use lotion all the time on my hands. my blood pressure was slightly elevated at my last appointment, but nothing to worry about. do ya'll think this warrants a call to the clinic on monday, or do you have any suggestions on other things i could do to relieve the tingling of my foot and the swelling? thanks in advance for any input!!


Been There - May 22

Mellissa, you're doing fine. The front of my thigh falls asleep when I'm standing too long. My limbs fall asleep at random and my hands swell at night, so I keep taking my wedding band off before bed. For foot swelling, you should try to keep your feet elevated when you can. Some people just swell during pregnancy and it has nothing to do with salt. You don't need to call the clinic immediately, but you can ask, if you'd like, what things they recommend. Don't wear any finger jewelry though. It's probably just swelling that comes with pregnancy sometimes and it hits people in different ways. Some people swell prior to delivery, some people's feet swell after (like mine). Perhaps some ice on your hands will help (frozen vegetable bags will also work). If you start getting a tingle in your fingers when doing things with them, you should say something. That's normally carpal tunnel, and a brace (especially at night when you sleep) will be helpful. But it goes away after you deliver. Only 9 weeks for you to go. Hang in there.


Mellissa - May 22

thanks for your response. :) it's funny because the swelling only happened that one day, and the next morning it was gone. my foot still falls asleep, but i'm wondering if it has to do with the positions i am sitting in. it's so hard to find a good one! with my daughter, my hands were already too swollen for my wedding rings by the time i reached 28 weeks. this time i can still wear them, although i did take them off the other night, just in case. thanks again, and hopefully i won't have to worry about it anymore!!! :)



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