My God My Hips Are SORE

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LW - April 4

Ok, My hips have been sore when I sleep since about 13 weeks (I'm 33 weeks now) but now they are OUT OF CONTROL!! I barely sleep, I toss and turn and it's getting very frustrating! I do have a body pillow and it used to work VERY well. Now, I think the body pillow magic has worn off! Any ideas as to how to alleviate some of the pain? I've thought about having a warm bath before bed (to try to loosen up the muscles etc.) but just don't know. Any help is greatly appreciated!


kh - April 4

When I sleep, it's not my hips, but my b___t that gets sore. The muscles. It just gets painful to lay on my side, so I have to lay on my back a while. It's the only thing to alleviate it. I don't know if that's what you mean. My hips only hurt when I walk, but not bad. Maybe it's something completely different though.


meme - April 4

I'm almost 38 weeks and haven't gotten this every night, but often enough. All I do for it is switch sides often, as much of a pain as that sounds. Never figured out anything else, and it's not persistant enough for me to have.


Suzanne - April 4

I had this too really bad and it went away at about 34 weeks. There was nothing I could do to make it better. It hurt BAD.


sunshinemccloude - April 4

I had hip pain occasionally even when I wasn't pregnant, I think as a consequence of my body shape. What I can suggest to you when you're sleeping is to use your pillows strategically-- while you're on your side, put one pillow under your waist, where your body naturally curves in a little, and under your knees and another under your lower legs. This way your whole body may be more supported and there won't be as much stress on your hip joints. Hope this helps!


luvmyboys - April 5

I would try the warm bath. That's what I do whenever I can't sleep anymore because of aching. Even in the middle of the night I get up and sit in the tub for awhile and it always works for me.


Nora1 - April 5

LW, have you ever tried Icy Hot? My doc recommended that I try that for my siatic nerve, when it acts up. It seems to help a little, so I'd bet it might help with the hip pain also!


Tillie - April 5

A word of caution about Icy Hot, though: don't apply it right before bed! It will get all over your sheets immediately and make your entire body tingly and chilled--the strangest feeling ever!


Nora1 - April 5

I haven't had that happen! I make sure it is rubbed in well though - maybe that's the key?? :)


Hannah777 - April 5

I put a pillow btw my legs, sometimes this seems to help



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