My Home Birth Story

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Ashley N - March 20

Well, I don't know if anyone even remembers me, but I promised to let people know how my home birth went, so here we go: My due date was 3/1. I had been at 1 cm for most of Feb and 75% effaced. I did stairs like a mad woman, ate 6 pineapples, had s_x, nothing worked. On 3/7 I was 3 cm and even "more effaced" and so my midwife tried stripping my membranes. She said it would work within 24 hours if it was going to do anything. I had my first contraction at 10 pm on the 8th - it woke me up. At 11 my water broke. My midwife's assistant got to our house at 1 am and I was only 4 cm. Things started to get really intense after that - I was kind of screaming thru contractions. I was all over the house with my dh, the assitant when to sleep on our sofa, so I figured I must be normal and it was ok to scream, lol - at one point I took a hot shower and it was incredible. (It didn't help my friend who had a home birth, but it sure did me.) I really doubted my ability to handle the rest of labor, I would have opted for meds if I'd been in a hospital, plus when I was checked and on my back the contractions were soooo much worse!!! At 4 am I was 6-7 cm and the assitant called the midwife. When she arrived with her other assistant at 5 am (I was half an hour's drive away) she walked in and heard me screaming and asked how long I'd been doing this. I guess she heard something different in my screams, I thought to myself, my screaming doesn't mean anything, it's how I'm coping! But she said I was ready to have the baby. I was like, no way. I told her I was scared and she said there wasn't going to be any pain worse than what I had already been thru, and for the first time, I was like, I can do this! I really anticipated a 12 hour labor but it was only 7 & 1/2 total. The midwife was right, I was 9 1/2 cm! My dh helped me into a squat where the midwife wanted me and I started to push. The baby's hb dropped. She told me I needed to have the baby NOW and coached me really well. 10 minutes later, there he was! I had a 1st degree tear. I did hemorrage pretty good but I was given a shot of Picotin for that and dh helped me to bed and I had an 8 lbs, 2 oz baby boy in my arms!!! He was 20 and 3/4 inches long and we named him Samuel David. I feel ike Super Woman. I can sooooo do it again! It was the most incredible experiance of my life and it amazed me to discover what I really am capable of!!!!


kh - March 20

Wow, congrats! That gives me hope for a natural, drug-free birth.


Hannah777 - March 20

wow, congratulations! And that's such a beautiful name you chose for your little boy.


Renee-Marie - March 20

I have tears in my eyes reading your story! Incredible - to say the least! Congratulations on the birth of your son and in the birth of your new super-self-confidence. I think you saw a side of yourself you never knew you had.


meme - March 21

Yay, that's soooooo awesome! Thank you for sharing. I really love this story! I hope it gives all women faith in themselves that they can do it without tons of medical intervention. Thanks again! :)


AML - March 21

WOW! Congrats on your little boy and Natural birth! I dont think i am as stong as you are! I have 10 weeks left and I'm scared out of my mind!!!


Ashley N - March 23

Thanks, everyone! It's really possible to do it without meds . . . I found it very interesting at our birth cla__s, all types of people choose home birth. I'll admit I went into it with a confident, "I can do this" att_tude - and screamed my head off. A friend of mine, who is really shy and soft spoken (the last person I would think would do a home birth!) didn't scream at all. She also walked thru most of her labor. Lol, I sure couldn't! Everybody is different. :)



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