My Husband Is A Butt Munch

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krissy2006 - May 4

Ok, so have any of you other ladies experienced this? I am 33 weeks pregnant and my husband just doesn't seem to understand how uncomfortable I am. When we are home he is fine, but the minute we get in the car (and particularly in our mustang which has become exceedingly uncomfortable for me) he drives it like as if I felt nothing. He takes speed bumps at lightening speed, turns corners on a dime and when I ask him to slow down or take it easy he just gets flustered. So i now have this battle waging inside me everytime I am with him. Sometimes I just wanna bite his head off and feed it to my cat, cuz he says and does the stupidest stuff especially when I am most uncomfortable and trying to concentrate on getting confortable. Its like, leave me alone until its obvious I am not doing something and then ask me a 1001 questions. But then there are moments like this morning where I look at him and I melt because our little girl has his lips and his lips are beautiful and so are hers and thats her daddy and I get all emotional just thinking about it. Anyone else having this love/hate emotional tug-of-war about their hubbies???? OK, maybe I'm crazy but I had to vent a bit. :)


kay101 - May 4

Oh oh meeeeeeee! haha one minute I want him to get the hell away from me then the next I want to cling to him like a leech. I smacked him hard in the back of the head with a recieving blanket last night because he was just sitting there watching basketball (MY team was playing not HIS) while I was sitting on the bed folding all the baby's stuff. Now this morning he's still sleeping, he works 3rd shift, and I just wanna go lay on his chest. I know what you mean about the car thing. I try to hold my belly still and dread and bump in the road.


ChattyKathy - May 4

Maybe he thinks you're just criticising his driving? Instead of saying slow down you could say "ouch, that bump was rough on the belly!" or something like that. But then again, he's a guy and he may not take hints very well!



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