My List Of Complaints

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Chrissy - April 21

Okay, we all know we have tons of complaints and aches, and pains, and no one wants to hear them, so I am going to vent right here and now, and anyone who wants to feel free to join me and add yours too, please do!! :) I am soooo tired of the following: PEEING every 30 minutes or less (usually less), barely getting any sleep, wearing maternity clothes, feeling like my belly is going to explode after I eat a meal, people making stupid comments or staring at my pregnant belly when I walk by, and back aches. Anyone concur, or have anything to add?? :) Here is our chance!


krista-lee - April 21

this is my new favorite place! im tired of getting up like 10 times a night and go to the bathroom, and not even peeing! im tired of people asking me when im due because it looks like im gonna pop. im tired of getting horrible pains in my stomach and freaking out im going into labor. im tired of excess discharge. i wanna see my feet! im tired of going to school everyday and have people stare. im tired of feeling like im gonna pa__s out it i stay on my feet for too long. im tired of having toget up out of bed just to turn to a different position. i think thats all for now lol. that was good to let out : )


Chrissy - April 21

Wow, those were some good ones. I agree with all of them!! :)


mama3 - April 21

I agree with all of what you said and I would like to add. I am soooooo tired of not being able to sit the way I feel comfy cause the baby kicks me. An when she kicks me she is hiting the ligaments in my belly. So I am in pain 3/4 of the day. An not being able to sleep int he position that I like cause again the baby kicks the heck out of me. An tired of taking pills for my tummy cause she is causing acid reflux like crazy. AHHHHHH. TY that feels alittle better. :)


karine - April 21

Iam tired of my headaches, swollen feet and legs, rib pains, Dr's appointments, not being able to shave, iam tired of feeling like an elephant, iam tired of my husband p__sing me off (LOL LOL LOL) dont they all!!!!!


SarahB - April 21

I agree with everything said here. I am also tired of not being able to lie on my stomache or back. Im tired of having the most swollen legs and feet on earth after I get off work (I stand all day at 38 wks so its not pretty.) Im tired of people asking why I havent had my baby yet or guessing when he will come. I am also sick of people I dont even know asking if Im about to pop (what the hell is that about). Also Im sick of people staring at me in public like Im a freak havent you ever seen a pregnant person before. Oh and lastly I am sick of everyone telling me how to make myself go into labor, we all know they dont really work. Wow I feel a lot better. Sorry so long.


Chrissy - April 21

Oh I have another one, How about people asking when you're going to have another one? Let's see, I'm eight months pregnant, how about you get out of my face!!


Suzanne - April 21

How about feeling like you have to poop all the time when the babies head moves? And people telling you that you are soooo beautiful when you KNOW they are lying cause you look like a hippo. I particularly like the question if I am having twins because my belly is huge. I hate drinking gallons of water everyday just to watch it stock up in my legs, ankles and feet which are so huge you can't even imagine. Then the baby stops moving and I think he is dead or something so I use noise makers to wake him up to feel him (I have too much amnio fluid) My rib cage was too small so the baby couldn't get under it so it is on top and his head is too big to settle into my pelvis and the pressure is unreal. My all time favorite complaint is going to see the doctor every two days for a stress test and begging him to get this baby out of me. I have used all my charms - whine, sob, pout, melt down, beg, bribe, flirt and nothing works. He just tells me your doing great. I have 2 outfits left that fit and one pair of shoes. I miss my cute clothes and shoes and bakinis and going to get a tan. I want to feel pretty again and not so vulnerable. I want my beautiful body back and my cute feet back to normal too! I want to go out and go dancing to really good music and just feel alive again. And this heartburn sucks the worst.


meme - April 21

Heheh, nice. Okay, I'm 40 weeks today, and I could stand being pregnant for another two weeks or so... but THAT'S IT! lol I'm giving this kid a limit on how long it'll be before I can walk more than around the block without being all hunched over & feeling like my cervix is going to cave in from the weight of his head, how long before I'll be able to eat a meal without getting (immense) heartburn, how long before I can lay in or have s_x in any position I d__n well please!, and how long it'll be before I can dance again! lol


Bonnie - April 21

Well, after the birth......the lack of sleep actually gets a thousand times worse. I wa stunned at how bad that really is when I thought it was so bad during the last trimester. :( BUT.....OH MY GOD does it feel good to not have to pee every 5 minutes, lol!


mom.2.5 - April 21

I want to join in too, I'm so sick of not getting ANY sleep, if I am sleeping I have to either wake up to go dribble a little or I have to turn over (I'm already sitting when I sleep). When I get back to sleep its time to get up and get the kids to school. I feel like i have to pee every 15 min. I would really like to see what I'm shaving (not my legs), and then again there is some hair thats probably and inch or so long! I have contractions all the time, and then think oh yes..this is it NOT! Taking all the bp meds and breathine and phenegran....i'm just so ready. I'm already told this is going to be a really big boy, do they understand there is only so much room in there! And oh yeah don't forget about those pains you get when your at the grocery store that feels like the baby is just going to push his way out right there, and you have to stand w/ your legs crossed and squirming around w/ everyone looking at you like its time. I just can't wait to get him out, this is #5 and hopefully the last, thanks for listening


SusanS - April 22

Carpal Tunnel on my right wrist is killing me and my feet and ankles have begun to get very swollen, especially with the warmer weather now and being on my feet. The peeing thing is extrememly annoyinh, but I have always had a weak bladder. Aside from these minor nusances, I LOVE BEING PREGNANT.


San - April 22

I have a couple of things to add, the first being hemorrhoids...yuck! I didn't get them the first time round til I delivered so this b__ws! And just today my 17 mth old wakes up with the flu. Poor thing, she doesn't get whats happening to her :( I hope it's just the 24 hr bug and that she doesn't pa__s it along to me.


Karen S - April 22

Does anyone get mad when there husbands/bf's get a little tipsy? I have been getting so angry about that lately and Im not sure if I should? I just worry if I go into labor, which could be any day now I dont want him to have one drip of alcohol in him. He gets mad when I say something but dont you think I have a right to be mad? What do you think?


ssmith - April 22

What a great post!! It gave me a laugh, one that I DESPERASTELY need right now. I am 40 weeks and 8 days now. I am tired of seeing my Dr. several times a week only to hear him say that I'm still BARELY 1cm dilated!! How is that possible?!?! I am 100% effaced but hardly dilated! I am tired of being stuck in my home, bored out of my tree. I'm sick of the agony that I feel when I simply try to roll over in bed. Also, now that I am getting more and more crops of stretch marks are popping up! I am also tired of the stares I get when I am out, I look VERY pregnant, but you'd think I had 2 heads or something--the looks I get!! I am tired of people phoning me asking if I "have any news" NO!! I DON'T HAVE ANY NEWS, iF I DID...I'D CALL YOU!!! What a great place to vent! Thanks ladies. These babies have to come sooner or later! I've decided that I MUST be having a girl. Only a girl could be this STUBBORN!!


Chrissy - April 22

Karen, I do think you have a right to be mad. Of course, I am not an objective party right now because with all that we go through during pregnancy, I think we have a right to just about anything right now! :) I love reading everyone's complaints. Of course I don't want anyone to feel miserable, but it sure is nice feeling like I'm not the only one! Misery loves company :)


sphinxminx - April 22

hobbit feet, frodo has nothing on me.



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