My Little Bundle Of Joy Is Here

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Amy from Mn - March 18

I wanted to share my story of the arrival of my new Son, Alexander Richard! On Tuesday March 14, I went in at 8am to be induced. I was 38 weeks and 1 day along. They started pictocin right away, contractions started coming right away. So that went on for about 6 hours. Then my doctor broke my water. I got up because I needed to use the bathroom, After I did I got back into bed and the nurses hooked me back up to the monitor, well they looked a little concerned I asked what was going on, The nurse said your babies heart rate is dropping. I looked at the monitor and his rate was around 100-105 and when I was contracting it dropped as low as 40. They called in the doctor he did an internal exam and said that I had a prolapsed cord, which means that the cord came out of my cervix and was getting compressed, cutting off the babies oxygen. They called a code pink and rushed me down to the OR. My doctor had to sit on the end of the bed with his hand inside of me holding the cord inside. We get into the OR, and they got everything ready and the last thing I remember was a man standing over me saying we are going to take good care of you and good care of your baby and when you wake up you will have a new Baby. They had to put me under. Within the time that they noticed the prolapsed cord until my Son was born was 20 minutes. Alexander Richard was born on March 14th at 5:10pm he weighed 7lbs 14oz and was 20.5 inches long. He has a little bit of blondish red hair and is so cute!! He is doing great! He is my 4th baby, and his Brother and Sisters are excited to have him here. I thank God that he is here, and healthy and that him and I made it through our scare!! Life is so precious. It made me realize just how lucky I am to me a mom to 4 children and a wife to a great husband, who did great through all that happened and did a great job taking care of the other 3 kids while I was in the hospital for 4 days. I am really sore, I have never had a c-section before, and cannot believe how painful it is!! But I am getting along, Good luck to all you mommies. Speedy labor and a quick recovery!! Thanks for reading my story!! ~Amy~


cat_9597 - March 18

Congrats Amy! I too just had my 4th child. A little boy on 3/8. Induced at 39 weeks exact. Best of luck to you and your family!!


^lucy^ - March 19

congrats amy thats so exciting to have ur baby with u finally :)


Lisastar9 - March 19

Congradulation on the arrival of the baby.


mama3 - March 19

Oh my, I cant beleive what you two went through. I am so glad that you both are doing ok. My heart was pounding so hard reading this. Your story just reminds us that anything can happen. Its so hard to prepare for the scary. Thank you Amy for sharing your story with us. Congrats and God Bless!!!!


Amy from Mn - March 19

Thanks!! I feel like I hit the lottery!! I feel pretty good today! Alexander slept for almost 4 hours straight last night ;) And was up only 2 times between 12 midnight and 7am when the rest of the kiddos got up!! SO I feel well rested!! I have a full milk supply now so I think that helped him sleep! He was nice and warm and had a full tummy!! I still am in shock over what happened. I look at him and cry, thinking he might not of been here if it wasn't for the quick action of the doctors, and prayer from Family and friends!! Alexander needs to be brought back to the hospital today because he has jaundice and his levels yesterday were borderline and they need to be rechecked. So hopefully they went down and he won't need anything done. They said they would give me a bili blanket, I am not quite sure what it is or what it does but it's suppose to help since his jaundice is not extreem enough to need the lights. Good luck everyone. Thanks for your replies!! ~Amy~


krnj - March 19

Congrats Amy!



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