My Newest Fear

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Amber - January 11

Now that ive got more time, i can actually post some of my questions! (although i feel like i post too much) OK. Latley it has popped into my head that the ultrasound tech could have been mistaken, she said it was a boy, she saw all the boy stuff! (it looked like a mess to me, so i took her word for it) What are the chances that it was incorrect? We have all boy clothing already, and im really excited for my son. Has anyone had a wrong reading? Tech said boy, but its a girl?


Kel - January 11

I have the same fear! Our tech said it was a girl (she said she knew before we even asked!). I think I could pretty much tell from the picture. It was just a blank area with those three little lines. But last night me and my hubby were talking what if it is a boy??? Yike, poor thing would have to come home in the purple little girl outfit I bought! I would think these days the ultrasounds are pretty accurate. At least I hope so!


JP - January 11

I have a story for you. My in-laws friends were having there first grandchild. The sonographer told the parents to be that it was a girl. They named the baby Hannah and had everything ready for a girl. Turns out the baby was born and the phone calls made.................Hannah had a Banana. It was a boy. It wasn't the end of the world for them. Out of all the stories I heard this one was the only one I know of where the sonographer was wrong. The accuracy I imagine is pretty good. I think I once heard that the girl predictions are more likely to be wrong than the boy ones. Good luck


mel - January 11

there's ALWAYS the possibility of a mistake, but for what it's worth. It's much easier to mistake a boy for a girl, than it is to mistake a girl for a boy. when they're wrong it's usually thinking that a boy is really a girl. so if they're saying boy. chances are really good it's a boy. when I was pregnant with my son about 5 years ago. they told me he was a girl until the last ultrasound at 36 weeks. so, we've opted not to find out with this one. :-)


Rachel.R - January 11

Amber, im 39+3 weeks... and was told at 3 ultrasounds im having a girl.. they saw 3 white dots.... But im still living in fear that all the different ultrasound techs got it wrong, and that I will have a boy. So i know where your coming from... I just wish the little bugger would hurry up and show herself so we really can find out. good luck


Emy - January 11

Gosh, how weird would it be if she came out a boy. It would definitely take some adjusting...not to mention all the pink girlie stuff we have. I hope the tech was right when she said 100% sure girl!


katie - January 12

my coworker and his wife were told up to the day of delivery they were having a girl. named her megan. had a baby shower, got tons of stuff embroidered "megan" and pink girlie things. d-day arrived and the baby ended up being a joshua. !!! we were ALL shocked. so it can happen. but mel is right- it's more common to goof with the boys and say they're girls than it is to goof with girls and say they're guys. if the boy parts were clearly visible to the tech, you're most likely having a boy.


Heather - January 12

Just a little note! If there is "evidence" of the s_x, it is usually pretty acurate. The 3 lines - boys don't have. The boy parts - girls don't have. The absence of either of those 2 tell-tale signs is just the tech guessing. That is when there is usually a mistake. Sometimes a girl is predicted b/c nothing is seen (boy part may be hiding!) Or a boy part is misinterpreted & is actually the umbilical cord if positioning is not optimal.


dwc - January 12

I remember waiting for my newphew to be born and we had all planed on him being a boy because of the u/s and I remember standing there thinking, OMG what if it is a girl. Nope he was a boy for sure... Just thought I would share my story so that you know you are not alone.... Talk to you all later. Good luck.


KE - January 13

I have been having the same concern. I am 32 weeks and was told I am having a boy. The ultrasound looked like a boy after they pointed out what to look for. I bought all boy clothes and would be stuck if he turned out to be a she. But, I haven't heard any stories of anyone being told it was a boy and ended up being a girl! But, I have heard of a girl ending up being a boy and the little boys leaving the hospital in their lil pink outfits.


izzy1052 - January 13

im scared of that too... i have ALLLLLL pink stuff... i dont really wanna dress a lil boy in all pink... but my dad said that would make him extra tough.. i dunno why??? i told my dad is might make him gay... lol... he didnt' wanna hear that... hahaha but i better have my little girl!!! im excited to have a little me running around... the world will come to and end :)


Chris - January 13

Whenever I have heard of a story where the s_x was wrong it was a girl that was mistaken as a boy. I get ultrasounds every week so there's no doubt about mine. My dr. told my husband that he knows what he's looking at, that's what these people do for a living.



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