My One Hour Glucose Test Results Came Back

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HeatherIsHopeful - April 7

and it came back elevated... so I have to take a 3 hour test. anyone had the 3 hour test come back normal after an elevated 1 hour test? anyone wanna share stories of going through pregnancies with gestational diabetes? thanks ladies :)


gabby509 - April 7

Heather try not to freak out to bad. I did when I failed the 1 hour test, and then my 3 hour test came back somewhat borderline. So I don't technically have GD but I was told to watch my carbs and sugar intake. My doc said that the 1 hour test is actually very inaccurate and lots of women fail it and then pa__s the 3 hour test with flying colors. So Good Luck!


kay101 - April 7

I know the one hour test is really inaccurate and have seen severl people's come back positive and the 3 hour be just fine. I was talking to somebody who did their 3 hour test today and wanted to warn you it can make you feel a little faint from not eating and all the sugar. The nurse didn't tell her that was normal till after the fact and she wasn't too happy about it! Deffinately bring something to eat with you so as soon as the test is over you have something to munch on.


coco797 - April 7

I had to take my 3 hour test as well, and it came back ok. And so did my friend's. I was told that even if you are a little over, you need to go back and take the 3 hour. So you could just be very little over the normal level and they ask you to test again to make sure. Try not to stress for now.


amanda17 - April 7

If the one hour test is inaccurate, could I pa__s it and still have GD? Diabetes runs in my family and I eat a lotttt of sugar, all of my cravings have been for sweet things. I was kind of expecting to get a positive test.. I just want to make sure.


disko love - April 7

i've got a question.... how long was it before you got your test results back on the 1 hour test???


HeatherIsHopeful - April 8

thanks guys.. Im trying not to worry about it.. so far so good lol. Disko, I took the test on Friday I think and they called me today.


newmomma32 - April 8

I failed the first one and pa__sed the 3hr with flying colors-----it makes you totally want to skip bad sugars , which turned out to be a great thing! good luck.


HeatherIsHopeful - April 8

thanks guys... I'll let you know how it goes.. I have my three hour test tomorrow morning.



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