My Poor Feet

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b - August 14

any advice on how to help take down the swelling on my feet? tried cold compresses and i keep them up as much as possible but any tricks anyone knows of? (they are really bad starting to get varicos (<spelling?) viens in them. i should add that i'm 34.5 weeks and worked entire pregnancy so i know that doesn't help them. only 3 work weeks left then i quit yippie.


S. - August 14

keeping them up is good, but only really works if youre laying down. sitting doesnt help, cause your body/torso is still bent and the pressure from the uterus still heavy. Also. going in the pool really helps a lot to balance cellular water balance. You can get pregnancy support hose at the pharmacy too, but its hot hot hot in the summer to wear them. I did it for a while, I am almost 34 weeks. I left work early, one reason was because my feet were so huge. Monitor your blood pressure as well, as this is sometimes a symptom of high BP, but usually only if accompanied with other symptoms and swelling in the upper extremities as well.


miranda - August 14

If you can get up and walk around once every few minutes that might help. Walking seems to help mine. I don't know how you do it, I sit here at the desk for a few minutes a day and they just swell right up!


b - August 15

wanted to say thanks. and let everyone know what a psycho i am. i was cleaning up my house, not wearing shoes cause i can't, but i slammed my right foot into my couch. cried about it. then a couple of minutes ago i just did it again. this time i lost it and started bawling. i'm getting to big and akward. i hate it!!


S. - August 15

b, youre not psycho, we all feel the same way I think. I am so big and awkward by this point that I want to cry too! I lied down yesterday in the middle of the bed and said "forget it, I am not moving again for the next month". poor hubby.


angi - August 15

talk to your doctor, could be toxemia


b - August 15

can't believe it at my appointment today the nurse told me i gained 13lbs in 2 weeks!!! and guess what its mostly the water in my ugly feet. he let me know that i have nothing to worry about i'll get my old feet back after i have my daughter. thankful for that just wish it was now.


Erin - August 15

I have horrible swelling as well. I drink LOTS of water. It helps to flush you out, and bring the swelling down. Also, fill your tub up to your ankles with cold water and march your feet up and down for about 2 minutes. It sounds weird, but really works. My ma__sage therapist suggested it. Not a fix, but definately makes it a little more barable!! Good Luck.


V - August 16

I went to the springs and it helped my swelling. Same thing as filling the bath tub with cold water. I think the colder the better.



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