My Rude OB Doc

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eclectic66 - July 3

Well, it's official..I think I chose the wrong OB/GYN!!! Of course at 35weeks it's too late for me to do anything about it! I am so frustrated bc today was my first appt. to have an internal exam and being that I haven't had an exam like this before in my life and didn't know what to expect...I startled a little as she was reaching up there and my natural instinct was to scootch my butt up the table a bit. Well, just as I realized I was doing that I stopped and was trying to take a deep breath when I looked over and my doc was washing her hands and sdaying "well, I can't check your cervix with you doing that so we are done!!" I couldn't believe it!!!! She didn't even give me a chance to take a breath and try to stop cringing. Instead she just got p___sed and said that she will just have to try and check at my 37 week appt. My hubby and I have been really waiting for this appt. bc we were curious to see if I have started dilating or not and then for her to have a hissy fit and stop bc I was caught off guard....oh it just p___ses me off!!! What ever happened to a little bit of patience?? Has anyone else had an experience like this or do I just have the world's most inpatient and inconsiderate doctor??


eclectic66 - July 3

Oh and just curious....has anyone on here ever switched their OB docs....let alone this late in pregnancy?? Not that I am planning to, but just curious.


denimb__terfly - July 3

It's never too late to switch! I know people that have and I did with my first at about 34 weeks (if I remember correctly). But, before you do just remember that you are extra sensitive and things are going to bother you more because you are pregnant. I had to have that reminded to me a few times during my pregnancies :-) However, if you are feeling not so happy about your doc- now is the time to do something about it. I was going to a place that rotated doctors and midwives during my second pregnancy and one midwive made me so upset I would leave my appointments and storm out crying (on more than one occasion). I ended up telling the head doctor of the practice my extreme dislike of this women and he told me I could sign some papers stating that I did not want her to deliver me (in the event that she was the on call for the practice the time I went into labor) Well, I got induced, so I thought I was in the total clear that she would not be around. Unfortunately, my doctor gave me the pitocin and told me he would check on me later in the afternoon after his surgery. Less than 45 minutes later I was fully dilated and the baby's head was crowning. Guess who was the ONLY one around that could deliver the baby? Yep, the SHEdevil! So, in retrospect, I really wish I had changed practices or something because she was such an awful doc!! The babies' head was out on my first push and I started complaing about the pain, so she said oh just rest until the next contraction. Well, in that short time I felt EXTREME burning. Later, at my 6 week check up, I found out that I had severely torn INSIDE!! My doctor first asked me, "was the delivery very eventful? What happened?" and he said it all concerned while looking at me during the internal. I could have KILLED that woman!! I have permanent scarring from her not making me just push the baby out on my first push. I have had a FEW doctors confirm this since then. So, that is my 2 cents. Oh, and with my first pregnancy I switched because of health insurance reasons, not because of a bad doctor, but the switch was pretty uneventful.


Krissy25 - July 3

What a b___h, I would be so p__sed too. She was probably having a bad day but that is no reason to take it out on you. Next time i would tell her that all you need is a minute to take a deep breath and relax and there is not need to be rube about it.


pregnantjackie - July 3

Yikes! I don't have a very good Dr. either...I see a different one everytime I go (there are like 10 partners that take turns) but none of them seem ever say the same thing and all have different ideas. Then I just realized that when checking my BP they didn't really look at the dial. So I looked at my chart, and guess what...all the BP records from my 8 appointments state I have EXACTLY the same blood pressure...which is impossible right? Maybe they are rounding it off? I mentioned I was dizzy and having SEVERE trouble breathing and she just said 'well, I don't know about the dizziness, but it's normal to be gasping for air even when you are resting..." it just doesn't seem right. I almost went to the ER last night, but my breathing is better today. To top it off my health insurance won't let me switch this late in my pregnancy! I just hope there aren't any complications in the labor.


sophie elise - July 3

I don't think you are overreacting and I don't think it's too late too change doctors. I've heard of lots of people changing at the last minute. The most important thing is that you trust and are comfortable with the person who will be with you throughout your labour, and this woman doesn't sound very comforting. This is the person that will have first contact with your child. She will take care of the most precious thing in your life for the first moments that your baby is alive.......Is it possible for you to get some recommendations from friends on their doctors/midwives? Try making some calls to other OBs or midwives and see if they are willing just to meet with you and explain your situation to them. Best of luck!


charee - July 4

Good Luck!!! I just moved from Oregon 10 months ago (where i had my daughter) I am 31 weeks and am in the proccess of trying to find different prenatal care- I was going with the only healthcare in conjunction with a birth center here in Phoenix- and they just decided to close the birth center out of the blue, and the 8 different midwives, and OBs rotate and there is just someone on call when you go in labor- so good luck even meeting the person before you are in labor! And the midwives didnt seem knowledgable, friendly or like they take the time to listen or care. I am really interested in home birth, but just dont know if thats right either. I have an appt with a different facility on Thursday, there are 3 female OBs there, but i know that female OBs have the highest Csection rate of all prenatal care providers, and a lot of it is elective too! I really want the LEAST amount of medical interventions necessary this time (HUGE episiotomy, breaking my water at 5cm not letting it happen naturally, CONSTANT fetal monitoring and being stuck flat on my back in bed, using a vaccuum, not being able to wait on cutting the cord, not being able to even cut the cord myself (or DH either!), not being able to hold the baby immidiately, eye drops immidiately, etc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Agh just typing it out gets me all stressed out and depressed and really nervous to go to the hospital...


eclectic66 - July 4

Well, I do feel better knowing that I wasn't overreacting to what she did. I just thought well, maybe I am just being way too sensitive bc I'm prego, but my hubby was in the room with me and he was even taken aback by how she reacted. I know at this point is is probably all too difficult to try and get another doc...all I can do is just hope that maybe she is out of town when it is time for baby's My next appt with her is next week and I am so nervous bc I am afraid this scenario is going to repeat! I am going to try and ask her to be more patient with me this time as it is not every day that I have someone's arm up my I just hope that she doesn't get p__sed off again and then really do a number on me!! Agggggggg


DeeD - July 4

My friend did switch. But a better alternative is to remind her that she works for you and is to do what YOU ask. That is her job.


Allisonc79 - July 5

I wouldn't worry about it. Maybe she was thinking you felt uncomfortable and so she stopped. When she is up there at your cervix with her hand it's important not to move too much. Just try and let her know before hand next time you want to give her the ok first so your ready.


Mommiex20803 - July 12

Hey! well i personally havent had a super bad OB experience but one of my close friends did....she is young (17 turning 18) and her dr. told her that she would be LUCKY if her daughter wasnt going to turn on her and get pregnant at 14! and my friend has heart problems and has a high risk pregnancy and when she had problems or whatever she would ask him and all he would say is "oh your young you can handle it!!"....and also she was still in high school when she was preggo and at 30 weeks she had pre-term labor problems, she would start having contractions and dilating and all that and had to have her labor stopped i believe two or three times but at first her doctor told her she needed to go on homebound and so she did but i guess the school messed something up but she needed another note from the doctor saying she was allowed to go on homebound so early and when her and her mom went to ask for another the doctor threw a hissy fit and told her "NO i already gave you one slip so now you can just GO BACK to school!" so needless to say she dropped that doctor about 35 weeks preggo or its not too late to drop them! good luck!


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - July 12

Well when I was about 30 weeks, my doctor just up and left so i was forced to switch doctors, and boy am I glad I did. My first doctor was the worst. Dring pelvic exams she was rough and hurt me so bad...she wouldn't answer any questions I had and made it known she just wanted me out of the room...the doctor I have now, I know is going to be a great doctor. He spent 20 minutes alone just talking with me in the office. He would tell me about himself and he explained everything in detail and he even told me how DD was positioned and took his time instead of pushing me out the door. I don't know how he is with the internal exams, which scares me because my last doctor clamped the skin on my leg and instead of unclamping it she just pulled it off and it hurt SOOO bad. But in personal opinion it seems like the male doctors are more gental then female doctors. But I would switch now if I was you. Call around so the doctors can get you in quick. When i called they recommended this doctor...there was 3 of them and they said I could see all 3 and decide who I wanted to deliver DD, but I liked this one so much I didn't even bother with the other two


Tammy276 - July 12

what a beotch....I've had several internals and I cringe each time and tense up but my doctor has never treated me like that! I would be so p__sed if she did....especially since you've never had one before you would think she would say o.k.....Just relax a bit, it will be over in a flash.. My doctor is so sweet and nice when it comes to that. She knows I hate internals so she always warns me "o.k. your going to feel my hand here, now I'm going to do this...." and so on. I would say something if I were you. She should be more considerate of your feelings (especially being pregnant and emotional!)


bbmax - July 12

I'm in Canada where we don't pay, so that may explain my OB making us wait up to 4 hours to see him for 13 minutes (I counted). One time my appointment was for 1:45 and I sat there until 5:25! And all he did was check my blood pressure and the baby's heart beat. I kept telling myself that it was all worth it in the end. It's better now with my second pregnancy but it's still a 2 hour wait. And he makes sarcastic jokes a lot too. Stupid things like when my C-section was booked for the 13th and I said I didn't like the number he said. "So would you rather go on standby and wait for labor?", when he knew it wasn't possible for me to go into labor.


kailee101 - August 21

I’m a new mother and I’m currently 17 weeks. I had my second visit with my obgyn and both times just rude. The first time I told her my doctor told me to get back onto birth control right after my surgery and she basically told me I was lying and they wouldn’t tell me to do that, but to wait til my period ( yet my mom was there and she heard the same thing). I decided to give it another try because I try to give the benefit of the doubt but then today I asked her when I could find out the gender, and she came at me with a rude tone saying that was the second reason for an ultrasound and the main reason was to make sure the baby is healthy or something like that. I didn’t ask her the reason for an ultrasound rather for a gender since I’m excited to find out. I just think someone that does that for a living should be respectful of their patients espeically new moms who have no idea what to expect. I’m switching to where my sister went for her visits because I wouldn’t feel comfortable with this lady delivering my baby.



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