My Scale Has Got To Be Wrong Or Is It

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ConnorsMommy - March 3

According to my scale at home, I've gained nearly 8lbs. since my last doctor's appointment (Feb. 20th)! Isn't that too much weight gain?.. I'm 32 weeks.. I've been eating healthy and walking almost everyday... I don't have GD... and I know the baby didn't gain the 8lbs.... lol.. anyone have a clue why such a fast weight gain?...


Memphisbaby - March 3

I gained 7 lbs between dr's visits last month (I am now 27 weeks). I was concerned, but my doc laughed and said it has to happen at some point. I had not really gained much before that b/c of morning I think it really depends on each person. If your doc isn't concerned, I wouldn't be either. You especially gain in the third trimester, so you are probably doing just as you should! good luck:)


ConnorsMommy - March 3

yeah.. i guess you're right... i was just surprised about how much the scale jumped in such a short amount of time... cuz up to this point i've been gaining steadily and not too much at a time. Hopefully, this will be my only 'gain spurt'... i gained nearly 55lbs. with my first son and I definately don't want that to happen again! lol


babyonboard16 - March 4

I dunno I did that too


missycc4 - March 4

I'm 41 weeks now and I've gained 60 pounds so far. The most I've gained in a 2 weeks time was 11 lbs. and then a lb and a half in 4 days. My Dr didn't seem to be to worried about it. I lost weight in my 2 trimester. I don't want to gain anymore.


mary b - March 5

I gained about 60 lbs too, and i gained about 10 between visits too...i ate right and exercized the whole pregnancy, up until last week, i'm so tired lately i don't have the energy. Everyone, including my doc says i don't look like i gained that and maybe my body just needed it...i am due March 8th.


HEATHER - March 5

I have 3 days to go and I had only gained 6lbs at 20 weeks well now im up to 36lbs and most of it was in the last 2 months tops! NOW im angerly gaining 2/3lbs a week!!! but the NMW arent concerned, I have a feeling its my fault though cause I used to exercise so much and now Ive really slowed down and Im eating all the stuff I owuldnt before cause its in my head that in a short amount of time I wont be eating like this again.


nanders - March 5

I only gained 11lbs total at my last appt. I'm now 32wks and have my next appt next week. I have gained according to my scale about 7-10lbs in the last month as well! I was worried at first thinking that can't be good for anyone regardless of the situation!!!! But I know the baby puts on most of it's weight in the last few months and I really wasn't drinking enough water so I'm sure I'm holding onto it! I think getting some more h20 and walking in will help, but even if I do put on another 5-10lbs I'm still in the normal range. If your doc isn't concerned I wouldn't be, just be the healthiest mommy you can be. But like heather I've used this pg as an excuse to eat the things I know I won't be able to after, everything in moderation right! LOL! ya right!


ConnorsMommy - March 5

hmm.. nanders- i never thought about it maybe being because i'm not drinking enough water.. maybe my body is just retaining a lot of water since i'm not drinking enough.. anyway, thanks ladies for all your replies =) good luck with the rest of your pregnancies, L&D, and motherhood =) .. it sure is fun!


Kristin11 - March 6

lol i had a couple doctors appointments where my weight had shot up too.. i cant figure out why, i was eatign the same as usual, oh well.



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