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synesthesia1821 - October 4

my sister is past due as of today. She is 40 weeks 1 day today, and needless to say, she's pretty upset. She really wants to have the baby naturally, but if she doesn't go into labor on her own, they're inducing her on the 9th... anyone know of any tried and true ways to induce labor? she's tried walking, raspberry tea, just about everything. Anyone know of any methods that DEFINITELY work? The raspberry tea seemed to cause contractions, but they didnt stay regular. Anyone know of anything that DEFINITELY WORKS? Like, you did this, and it made you go into labor? I've heard spicy foods, m____eion, s_x, castor oil, physical activity such as walking, and raspberry tea. Any of these definitely work for any of you ladies? She really wants to meet her LO and she's miserable. help her out?


Mariefe - October 4

I heard of eating lots of pineapple! My doctor even banned me to eat it during my early pregnancy as she said pineapple has chemical contents that can help contraction to come. A friend of mine advised me to eat lots pineapples too when i have late periods. I hope its a good help for your sister. Good luck for her healthy delivery..


tori205 - October 4

i know you already mentioned walking and it didnt help your sis but i went into labor the evening i went shopping with my mom for 3 hours...even thoujgh i was cramping during that time, i continued to move and didnt stop...when i got home that night i started to have contractions at 2 am and went to the hospital the next day and had my daughter...good luck to your sis!


synesthesia1821 - October 4

hmm that's interesting about the pineapple. never heard of that one. thanks, ill tell her. shes been i dont know. i just hope she doesnt have to be induced, because she REALLY wants things to happen naturally.


meg - October 4

DH & I had s_x around 10pm & my water broke about 4 hours later...around 2am. My ds was born about 10 hours after that!


afireinsideamanda - October 4

oh my god... a post about me? lol. thanks!


synesthesia1821 - October 4

haha. hopefully some of this works. so far no luck for her.


synesthesia1821 - October 4

*****Your Achilles tendon-ma__sage it from both sides. Then go to the next side and do the same. *****Before you do this, make sure your hospital bag is packed. *****I can't explain this. It worked for me in less than five hours 2 or 3 deep knee bends every feew hours during the day. Long walks. Drinking tea. Warm baths. Walk up and down stairs. Go on bumpy rides. Castor oil. Hot buffalo wings. S_x. Real rasberry tea. Mineral oil. Mexican food. Balsalmic vinegar. The big O (as in orgasm). Mowing the lawn. Vigorous s_x. Stripping the membranes. Spicy food. Blue and black cohosh. Nipple stimulation. Stripping the membranes Your pract_tioner may offer to "strip your membranes" to help start your labor. This procedure usually feels like a v____al examination, although it sometimes can be painful or cause cramping. The pract_tioner places her gloved finger through the cervix and sweeps the amniotic membranes free of their attachment to the lower part of the uterine cavity. This process is believed to release hormone-like substances called prostaglandins, which help to ready your body for labor. ****While some experts believe that stripping the membranes causes you to go into labor that day, the only research on this procedure was done by a group of midwives who stripped the membranes of a group of their patients at every visit to the office after 38 weeks gestation. Their findings showed that patients who had this procedure were less likely to go past their due dates. According to the study, the procedure didn't seem to pose any complications and didn't cause the patients' waters to break. ***Even though your pract_tioner would be the one


synesthesia1821 - October 4

that's stuff i found online. for all and anyone that need this information. =] hope this helps.


synesthesia1821 - October 4

Blue and black cohosh These herbs are used often to induce labor. They may be particularly effective if you are having weak or irregular contractions. Blue cohosh is believed to make uterine contractions stronger, while black cohosh may regulate the contractions. Together, they work to make contractions more effective. Unfortunately, no studies have determined that these natural treatments are safe, or whether all versions of the herb available for purchase are of equal potency. Be sure to discuss any herbal treatment with your pract_tioner before attempting it, to see if it is a good idea in your situation.****************************************************************************************************Castor oil For decades, women have been using castor oil to help induce labor. In fact, many old school physicians and midwives swear by it. It can provide good results if you are already in early labor. It is believed to work by causing spasms in the intestines, which surround the uterus toward the end of pregnancy. These spasms, in turn, cause the uterus to cramp, which might result in labor. You can take 1 to 4 ounces of castor oil mixed with 6 ounces of orange juice to cut its oiliness. You'll want to drink it quickly because of the unpleasant taste. Some pract_tioners suggest taking a single dose; others suggest repeated doses depending on your response. Keep in mind that castor oil usually will cause your bowels to empty within about three hours. With luck, soon after that, you will be in true labor. *******************************************************


Brendansmom - October 4

A friend of mine is a ma__sage therapist and she said to do the achilles tendon ma__sage. If you get a prenatal ma__sage they will skip this area because it is known to induce labor. Another one of my friends tried it and she went into labor later that night. She was close to her due date so it could just be a coincidence, but you never know.


Cevvin - October 5

If you get her contractions going with the raspberry tea, try nipple stimulation to get them stronger and more frequent.


afireinsideamanda - October 5

dr says im still at 1 cm dilated, 90% effaced:(



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