My Stomach Did Not Grow For 2 Weeks

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Mina - June 22

Hi Iam in the 33 week of my pregnancy now, and today I was at a doc visit and sence last time I was there which is 2 weeks ago my stomach havent grow! My doc wants me to come back after a week again to measure my stomach...did this happend to any of you here? and is it normal to happen some times? I got a bit worried, the baby heart was fine and everything otherwise....


Been There - June 22

I'm sure it's just a precaution. Just because your uterus didn't grow, it doesn't mean the baby didn't grow. If they really have to, they can send you for an u/s and check the baby's growth. I've been reading post lately and have seen other women whose baby are the right size, but the uterus seems to be smaller. Everything is fine with them, I'm sure it's fine with you. It would be so nice if doctors didn't make us panic so much. Just relax and wait.


Catherine - June 22

Mina- I'm 37 weeks preggo. My fundal height has always measured 3-4 weeks ahead. Finally at 33 weeks it had caught up to itself. I was measuring exactly 36 weeks at my 36th week appointment-right on target.


marie - June 22

Same here... I've been measuring 2 week ahead..and finally at 35 weeks, it's catching up.


3babies - June 22

Hi Mina, my fundal height has been all over the place this pregnancy, but I had an ultrasound at 331/2 weeks showing baby almost 6lb which is big, yet when I saw the doctor a couple of days later my fundal height was only 31cm when it should be 34cm. He said not to worry at all, its the position of the baby. Interesting that he doesnt think the baby is as big as u/s is predicting, so we will see who is right! Your doctor is being cautious, if they re-measure and you are still behind they will probably order an ultrasound to check growth and blood flow to the baby. That will let you know once and for all what is happening, good luck!



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