My Stomach Its Very Itchy

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carla - May 27

hi, am 7 months and for the past three days my stomach has been really itchy, and i also got some rashes,, they look more like mosquito bites, i was thinking that maybe i got an allergic reaction to my cocoa butter for my stretch marks , could it be that, help? anyone withthe same problem?


teresa - May 27

i am 6 months mine has been EXTREMELY ITCHY too!!! its aggravating.. no rash just stretch marks.. i use lotion all the time.. just never helps.. Ure not alone


Adria - May 28

I'm 6 months now and have the same problem with the cocoa b___ter lotion, I get little itchy rashes after I apply it, your not alone


Kelly - May 29

hi! I'm 7 months and I itch more now. The itchyness comes more from the stretching of your stomach; also, we know not to "scratch"--you are to only rub--stratching causes more damage to the skin.


Summer - May 29

Hey girls =) I also broke out with the cocoa b___ter lotion.. it didn't seem to quite help me anyway. BUT! I did find something else that you might try.. it's a little jar called "tummy hunny" and it is AWESOME! it's not lotion based, so it didn't break me out. It smells really good too. I ordered mine offline, and it has seemed to do wonders for me, so I will leave the website for you =) I hope this helps!! *summer*


Jessica - May 29

the itching is from your skin streching. Try the Palmer's Spray Oil. It works really good, It is for dry itchy skin. You put it on after you get out of the shower and it helps!!!


SARAH - May 29

I'm 33 weeks, and have itchiness everywhere! My tummy is covered in a bright red rash, and I have little itchy red bumps other places. The doctor said "the skin does wierd things when you're pregnant" and not to worry. I've got some cortisone cream for my tummy to help with the itchiness. I alternate between applying vitamin E to stretchmarks and anti-itch cream to rash. It's a never-ending battle. Good luck to everyone- our babies will be worth all the itching!


!!! - May 30

DON"T SCRATCH IT STRECH MARKS WILL GET WORSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


SARAH - June 10

I doubt scratching makes strechmarks worse.... but don't know for sure.


Jasy - June 18

I am 39 weeks, I had that too.. Most of the time its just the skin stretching but, once I started itching on my b___st area, and on my ribs, I also had a rash that looked red a bumpy, My doctor told me that a lot of pregnant women get it, and the best thing for that is keep it cool, and put anti itch cream on it.



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