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xoxticiaxox - March 6

Okay, this is weird, I know teeth and gums are supposed to bleed when you brush them, but I have a whole other thing going on...I know this is nasty but I want to know whats going on? I woke up and my front bottom teeth are not attached I can pull my gums off of my teeth....its very painful, and very this because Im pregnant? I dont know what to do!!!! Please help!


candaceann1 - March 6

Maybe you should call a dentist?? Just a suggestion...


aliciavr6 - March 6

"Many pregnant women show some signs of gingivitis during pregnancy." ----- Definitely go to the dentist!


xoxticiaxox - March 6

okay thanks both of you.


TiffanyRae - March 6

Hi xoxo I work for a dentist and I suggest that you go and see your general dentist and get a referral to a periodontist. You may have something called pregnancy gingivitis. Pregnanct woman tend to have more swelling in thier gums due to increased hormones. Story of hour lives...I know....but you do need to get it checked out. If you do not it can lead to possible infections.


Carly67 - March 7

This sounds like periodontal or gum disease. You should call your dentist at once because you probably need a cleaning and scaling. I had moderate case of gingivitis and had to have this done at about 26 weeks and I am going again in two weeks when I am almost due for another cleaning. It made a big difference. It is also thought that this can lead to premature labor if not taken care of. Talk to your dr. and dentist. When is the last time you had a cleaning?


xoxticiaxox - March 7

I dont go for cleanings, I brush my teeth regularly, floss, and my teeth are white. So maybe I better just get my b___t to a dentist...its only happening in one spot, and it just happened all of a sudden.


Carly67 - March 7

Ticia you need a cleaning. Believe me it makes a big difference and getting all that bacteria that is in the gums out of you body will make a huge difference to you and your baby.


TiffanyRae - March 7

In our office we see pregnant patients all the time...on the hygiene side. On the doctor side of course they say not to dental work unless its a severe emergency. But hygiene side you are fine to doing cleanings. Don't put off getting cleanings. They are SO important. Though brushing, flossing and tongue cleaning at home is need your twice a year hygiene me our hygenist is standing behind me as I write this at work!!!!! lol I work for an amazing dental team, here in honolulu.


Carly67 - March 7

Ticia you better call another dentist because that is totally false and if you don't get treated things can get very bad. It has even been linked to preterm labor so you should get a cleaning. If you do not get your gums taken care of you may have to have surgery to repair it when a cleaning and scaling would have prevented that. This is not something to fool around with.


Carly67 - March 7

Oh and every pregnancy book and your doctor should tell you that you should not put off cleanings they are essential for your health and your baby.



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