My Very Own Baby Boy

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josie4 - November 7

(This is going to be long!) Wow! I can't believe it. My baby boy, Jason David Jr., arrived at home yesterday at 1:46 pm weighing 7 lbs 1 oz. It all started the 5th, really. I lost parts of my mucous plug all day and had an insane nesting spree, so I told myself I wouldn't be surprised if something started that night. When I went to bed the baby was lower than he ever had been and because of that I had a lot of cervical pain. I have vague memories of tossing and turning with cramps and then they finally woke me at 2 am. The were about 6 mins apart at that point and quickly turned to real contractions that were about 4-5 mins apart. I couldn't lie down anymore, so I labored beside the bed until 6:30 when hubby woke up. I told him I'd probably be having the baby soon! He was so excited. The cntrx were probably 3-4 mins apart now and increasing in intensity. I called the midwife at 7am after some bloody show and she got there sometime around 9 I think. I asked her to check me at sometime between 11 and 12. I was 6 cm (I was happy!), which she said was surprising because I still seemed calm and in control. She needed something at the store and thought she had plenty of time to get it, so she left (she had two assistants with her who stayed with me). I labored on, the cntrx getting more painful and closer together. About an hour after she left I lost tons of bloody mucous and started getting shaky, so I had the other midwife check me. She said I was 'conservatively' 8.5-9. We called the midwife (Freida) back and she and her assistants got busy preparing. The cntrx were very intense now and I started vocalizing a lot. I was ready to push pretty quickly, so hubby sat in a chair and I squatted with my arms on his knees. The gravity of squatting made pushing way too intense, so I moved to the bed and layed on my side. Pushing was painful - I will never ever forget the feeling. I was squealing and making all kinds of noise and it was so weird cause I no control over my vocalizations. (I remember telling hubby that between cntrx.) I will also never forget the feeling of my body taking over and pushing for me right when he was crowing. It was the most indescribable feeling. It was an incredible relief when his head was out. His arm was by his head, which was why the pushing hurt so much. He came out to the hips and the midwife told me to pull him up. I did, saw a p__s, informed hubby who said “How do you know?” I was kind of in another world at this point. (Pushed for half hour, btw.) DH cut the cord, I birthed the placenta and Freida and the assistants scurried around taking care of things. I didn’t tear but had a little skid mark inside which is already getting better. I was having burning pain down there still, so I had an herb bath, which felt great. The midwife and assistants were wonderful. The cleaned up everything and took such good care of us. They left after about an hour and it was just hubby (who was AWESOME during the birth) and the baby and I. I’m sore and tired, but everything I went through was so worth it! I haven’t bled much and he’s nursing like a little champ. Homebirth is great!


claire83 - November 7

what a lovelly birth story congrats on your little man


staci - November 7

Congrats Josie! What a wonderful birth experience! Great to hear you both are happy and healthy!


angie m - November 7

CONGRATULATIONS! Sounds like a wonderful experience. Glad all went well and you and your little man are doing good. Don't you just LOVE midwifes. I will be having my 4th home birth hopefully any day now and I wouldn't do it any other way.


josie4 - November 7

Thanks ladies! :D Angie, I wouldn't do it any other way either. Midwives are really awesome. :D I'm so happy!!! I'll have to post some pics.


josie4 - November 7

Hubby and I ht--tp:// Baby Jason ht--tp://


josie4 - November 7

I'm so pleased, my belly doesn't look too bad. I thought it would be a big saggy, flabby mess of ruined skin. It's already not to far from looking normal. (Besides the stretchmarks.)


alirenee86 - November 7

Contratulations Josie!! That is so awesome that it went so well for you and your new addition!! I was so happy reading such a great birth story!! Do you mind if I ask how old you are?? I'm having our baby boy at the hospital but excited just the same. I'm nesting like crazy though it's not so new, and I have pains in my very lower stomach...I REALLY hope I won't have to be induced and that he comes before the 13th! Congrats again and thank you for sharing your wonderful experience!!


angie m - November 7

AW, Jason is so adorable! And you and hubby look so happy. I am glad that your tummy is getting back to normal already. Mine was that way with the first, but with my last 2 it took awhile.


margie - November 7

congratulations what a wonderful birth story!! when i look at those pictures of your lo its sooo amazing to me to think of how these precious little miracles are living right inside of us these 9 months.


Erins Mom - November 7

What a great story! Congratulations on your baby boy & a wonderful homebirth! I'd love to have one, but homebirths are illegal here in good ol' Nebraska (well, any midwife who attends one is prosecuted anyway), so it'll be the hospital for me. Thanks for sharing!


josie4 - November 7

Alirenee, I'm 19. :) Margie, it is absolutely amazing!! Pregnancy, babies, and childbirth are such miracles!


alirenee86 - November 7

They are truly miracles and I'm sure I'll really understand and appreciate that once Justin Alexander comes. Wow, 19. Okay, so I have 11 years on you (30) but am feeling great. Not that that's old...:) I asked because you seem to have gone through it so wonderfully and are bouncing back so well...I could see myself being somewhat the same way, though can't help the nervous thoughts running through my head as to when exactly, how long, c-section, v____al, etc. There's so many uncertainties it seems and I only hope it goes as well as my whole pregnancy has so far. You must be glowing!! Enjoy every minute with your little boy!!


jessieb - November 7

oh josie! this a wonderful story. I am so happy for you. Congratulations congratulations congratulations! I can't remember, did you know you were having a boy?


josie4 - November 8

Alirenee, you have a good att_tude. I'm sure you'll do great!! And 30 is certainly not old! My dh will be 28 this month. Thanks Jessie!!! :D No, I didn't know I was having a boy, although I thought I was and called him 'he' the whole pregnancy. I didn't even have one ultrasound while I was pregnant.


jessieb - November 9

congrats again josie! I don't know what I am having either. I have felt like a girl since about 5 months... we shall see. I am due monday and expecting it any moment now. which is a horrible way to live ! : ) ahahah!! how is b___stfeeding going?


josie4 - November 9

Jessie, that's cool that you don't know. It's so much more fun this way and there's nothing wrong with buying yellow! Yes, that is a horrible way to live, lol, but don't worry, it'll be over soon!! :) Breastfeeding is going well. I'm pretty engorged and the little guy is having some trouble latching on because of how hard and ma__sive my b___sts are. He also has a little trouble keeping up with the flow. We'll get through it, though. He's such a good baby. I'm so in love. :)



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