My What Big Fat Feet I Have

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krc - July 12

I am 37 weeks as of yesterday. And today out of nowhere I looked down at my feet and they were huge!!!! I have referred to them as my " frankenfeet " all day . I know swollen ankles/feet are a commonplace during pregnancy but I keep hearing about preeclampsia and it is freaking me out. My doc appt was this morning and my urine/blood pressure was fine as usual. Just how common is it to have swollen body parts and it have no risk involved?


everthiki - July 13

I am 35 weeks and same thing happened to me last night....I looked down at my feet and freaked out. My left foot and hand are a lot bigger than my right...very strange. My ankles are huge and they puff out like marshmellows. My dr. appt is on the 21st , not sure if I should wait til then to ask her about it. This morning the swelling has gone down very little. What did your dr. say??


dy - July 13

my swelling in my ankles comes and goes. go lay down and elevate your feet. that usually makes my swelling go down by the next day


Fatima - July 13

It is normal at that point of pregnancy. My feet and ankles were huge from 37-38 weeks until I gave birth. My ob told me, "and they are going to get bigger". I called them potatoes, I am now 7 weeks pp and am so happy to see my skinney feet again!


fefer1 - July 13

I am 32 weeks and just woke up one morning with fat feet and ankles. I freaked! They are getting worse too - but putting my feet up does seem to help them some. My dr told me yesterday not to worry about it - I think with preclampsia you get really swollen, everywhere. I call them my tree-trunks and I can't wait to have my skinny feet/body back!!!


piratesmermaid - July 13

Normal. I looked down at my feet, I guess around 36 weeks, and suddenly they were huge. I call them my Shrek feet and sausage toes. If it's just your feet, and hands it's normal. If you start having frequent headaches, you're seeing spots, or you start swelling in your face as well, then call your doctor. Besides that, cut back on the sodium, don't stay on your feet for too long and if you can elevate them above your heart for a while. Somehow I manage to do this with a huge stack of pillows at the end of the bed/couch. It's not very comfortable, but it's all you can really do at this point. Oh, and try not to cram them into shoes either. I've confined myself to flip flops.


piratesmermaid - July 13

Oh yeah, and as long as your blood pressure continues to remain fine, everything's good!



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