Mysterious Braxon Hicks

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baby_froot_loops - July 16

hi everyone! im 18 and im 26 weeks pregnant so even tho its a little early i thought id post about this here in hopes of getting a little more responses.... anyway, what exactly do braxon hicks contractions feel like?? my stomach gets achy once in a while and i always assumed it was the baby sitting wierd or something, but when i went to a doctors/midwife appt. i was sitting on the table and my stomach felt a little achy. then she said she actually FELT my contraction in my stomach harden and then soften between her feeling my stomach right after laying down, her getting the heart moniter thingy, and feeling my stomach had gotten softer. so is that all braxon hicks contractions are? achy-ness?


LollyM - July 16

Sometimes they are achy and sometimes you can't even feel them. I am 37 weeks now and I get to the point where they are actually painful but not bad enough or frequent enough to be real contractions yet. It's all normal unless you start getting super painful contractions before 37 weeks, then it could be preterm labor, but the achy-ness is the norm. When I was 33 weeks, I had to be monitored at the hospital for a while because of odd pain that turned out to be the baby elbowing me in various organs! lol Well, congrats on the baby and you're almost in the third trimester which is exciting =) When I was 26 weeks I started to find allot more answers in this thread also ;-)


steph-in-saint-pete-beach - July 16

MOstly it feels like the baby has balled up into a basketball to you. When you feel the sensation againfdeel your tummy all over with your hands, itll feel smaller and tight. I heard from another mom that if you get these alot that your labor will be much easier. If this is your 1st prenancy, thats probably why you were unaware before. I was talking to my midwife this 2nd go round and found out that that is what the sensation was. I really dont remember having these with the 1st but that was 11years ago.


MEO - July 16

yah, the bh contractions, I think, can vary a bit in strength and be achy or hurt or just be something that you are aware of as tightening - kind of fun and interesting I think although now I keep getting my hopes up that they'll get "longer and stronger" (please please please!) - my due date is tomorrow! come on baby!



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