Nair Remover

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lil - February 14

Hey!! I realy want to know the answer to this question cause i want to use it now!! I have this cream called nair and you put it on your body for 15 mins then shower it off!! It takes off the hair so that way you dont have to shave!! It would be alot easier if i could just use that on my legs then have to shave because my belly gets in the way now!! I looked on the back of the bottle and it doesnt have any warnings not to use it while pregnant , so i should be fien right? ----> TO use , or NOT to use?


^lucy^ - February 14

i used to use that cream before i got pregnant but on my legs and arms.. i never used it bikini or any where else.. i heard that u shouldnt be using it on those parts of ur body while pregnant since it contains many chemicals.. and besides believe me it wont take it off just like that.. nair should be wiped off by a towel or a piece of cloth hard enough to take all the hair out


lil - February 14

thanks for you response! any other comments.... reallly wanted ! thxs!


carola - February 14

people stress over every little thing during pregnancy...and most of the time, for no reason. I say just go ahead and use it..especially if i doesn't have a warning not to.


newmom24 - February 14

Actually if you are on the website for ' nair' like products it is recommeded not to use it. I too use to use it, but due to the chemicals your bod absorbs they say it is not the best plan. My doc advised me to stick to the waxing. But I can totally relate!!! Nair was so easy to yse and worked great for me too.


redhead mary - February 14

I would nt use it pregnant or otehrwise because it is a disgusting chemical... Not trying to dis you or anything... but its a chemical that actually melts the hair right out of your follicles...Think of what that would do to the baby in you.... Nair reccomends you do not use it while pregnant and so do I!



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