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Jessie - October 22

im 34 weeks as of today and we still havn't found a name for our little girl...Im getting increasingly upset because everyname i like, my family and my bf doesn't like....At first we had Hailey Elizabeth Muniz....everyone thought that was ok...but i didn't like it to much....Then we had Lacey Renee Muniz or Lacey Elizabeth Muniz....but my bf desided he didn't like that then he desided he liked Valeri Renee Muniz...well i HATE the name Valeri...i dont know why...and today i came up with Genesis Elizabeth Muniz...we would call her Genna (i like the meaning of Genesis not Genna Genesis is beginings and genna is "from the name geneva") her Initials would be the stone which would be cute right?....oh please someone help me...i dont want her to get here and not have a name!!! any suggestions or support for one of those names would be helpful! thanks!! :)


Shannon - October 22

i liked the names Hailey and Renee. as far as Genesis.... well, personally, it reminds me of the Phil Collins band. my husband has a 2 year old neice named Genna, short for Genevieve (which means "white wave"). she is really adorable, too. anyway, just a suggestion. :-)


Jessie - October 22

Genevieve is a nice name...i might think about that.....thanks for the suggestions! :)


lisa - October 22

i wouldnt go with lacey, just makes me think underwear, and genesis also reminds me of phil collins and isnt very femanine, heres a few, alisa, rosie, olivia, ocean, skye, tamsin, rohana, ella, ailish, maisie, erin, grace, eva, osiene, lexi, lily ????


sylvia - October 22

I love the names Skylar and Lilly


Jac - October 22

I love those names. You & your bf have to decide which name is best. Don't let your family influence you too much. It's you and your bf's child...not their's. I had the same problem with my MIL wanting to name our baby. But we didn't let it effect our choice. Here are a few more suggestions if you are open to any: Molly, Rowan, Addylyn, Addyson, Harlee, Dylan, Tylor, Sophia, Piper, Lexus (call her Lexi for short), Mercedes, Grabriela, Kira, Luch, Maysie, Andie, Alex, Kori, Brooklyn, Regan, Marley, Adley, Etta, Ella, Kennedy, Grace/Gracie, Bo, Katja. Just a few to ponder. Good luck!


Jac - October 22

Sorry...that "Luch" was supposed to be Lucy. :)


Jessie - October 22

Thanks for your suggestions everybody and i know its mine and my bf's choice on the name but i just dont want to hear "ugh i can't beleive you named her that" every 5min lol


Sylvia - October 22

I know what you mean I am due to have my second lil boy and do not have a clue what to name him.I kinda like Jacob but the boyfriend and family says NO and it makesd me think I should think of something else. But I should do what I want and if I like Jacob then I should go for it .


Michelleb - October 23

Jessie, I like Genevieve more than Genesis (phil collins thing for me too). is a great site for names, listing most popular by year for girls (&Boys) and the meaning if you select a name. Sylvia, my boys name is Kiev, which of course I love, but I also like Gavin, Galen, Keigan.


Gemma - October 29

How about Gemma Renee Muniz. I am called Gemma Eloise and I like my name. Everyone calls me Gem which means precious stone.


Lesley - October 29

My naice is called Hayley Elizabeth :-)



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