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Daynae79 - December 5

Please give me your honest opinion. My husband and i seem to both agree on the name Avery Nicole for our little girl. We also decided we arent going to tell anyone we know her name before she is born, so i would just like some input and as to what you girls think of the name. Please be honest. Thanks!!


javidsgirl - December 5

it sounds very pretty i think your dd will like that name when she grows up great choice


Rainbowbrite - December 5

I think it is a very cute name as well as unique! It sounds very well together!!!! If we hadn't already picked out our name i think i would pick Avery! good choice!!!


Daynae79 - December 5

Thanks girls. I always second guess myself and i think i just need to relax and go with it and know that it is a very nice name...So, Rainbow, what name did you chose for your daughter??


tish212 - December 5

I think it is absolutely beautiful! and I like that you haven't told anyone we are doing the same thing.... the names we chose are Alexa Breeann or Alec (my hubbies and his dads name so baby would be the 3rd) everyone knows the boy name...but the girls name is our secret!


Daynae79 - December 5

Thanks Tish!! I love the name Alexa, but that is Dh's cousins name. If we have another girl we may go with Alexis. Great choice though


babylove4 - December 5

I like it, It's pretty..It also sounds good together..


evae777 - December 6

Very Unique, yet sophisticated! I like it. I think names that begin with vowels sound very delicate for girls...


cattac - December 6

I love Avery. If it were up to me I'd stick with Avery.


jennifer_33106 - December 6

Awe I love the name Avery! The only time I ever heard that name was from that movie Abandon. But I kept thinking through out the whole movie it was a girl name. I really lke that name. Good choice! Nichole flows with it!


tynadu - December 8

I like it


Krissy25 - December 8

I love that name it's too bad someone i know already picked it for her daughter or other wise i might have considered it myself. Good choice, i love simple, sophiciated and unique names.


sarah21 - December 9

I think it's a beautiful and unusual name. Go for it! I know how you feel though. I feel so pressured to pick a name for our girl, and what everyone else will think of the name.



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