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mcatherine - June 20

Argh...wasn't paying attention and posted this on 2nd tri - so, sorry that it's duplicated. My husband and I have decided to name our son Hudson, but can't decide on a middle name for him. Does Hudson Anderson have too many "sons" in it to flow well? Our last name is German, only two syllables. Thanks for your input!


Olivene - June 21

I don't love it with Anderson. How about Hudson Anders? Hudson Archer? I like Hudson!


mcatherine - June 21

Yea - the more I look at it together, the more I dislike it. I think my husband convienced me I liked it instead of me making up my own mind. We don't have our hearts set on anything other than Hudson - which I love! Thanks.


Kara H. - June 21

We are using a phonetic name book. It recommends taking the letter sounds from your last name and using them for the dominant sound in the middle name. So in our case, our last last name is an "H" name that has a long "A" sound in it. We have decided to use Haden as the middle name. It ties the baby's first and last name together really nicely. I would probably try to stick with a two-syllable name just so it doesn't get too big.


tristqt11 - June 30

I am 31 wks pg with a boy who will be named HUDSON GILES!! I love the name Hudson so i totally approve. There are other good middle names that I considered....Hudson Alexander, Hudson Andrew, etc. Hope this helps!


SW - June 30

What about Hudson Andrew? Or like Olivene said Hudson Anders. I really like the name Andrew, but it is probably a little bit too common.


Mingill - June 30

What about Hudson Alexander? (I just like Alexander because that's my nephew). Hmm, don't think kids can do much teasing with HAG, or can they? Is it the "A" that you like, what about Joseph or something like that?


tristqt11 - July 5

Hi again! We are now debating on Hudson Cooper too...Which is better?? Hudson Giles or Hudson Cooper? How is your search coming mcatherine???


mcatherine - July 5

I like Hudson Cooper better - it flows nicely. I gave up and decided to let my husband name him after his dad - Hudson Paul. I'm not a big fan of the name Paul, but it goes together well and it is a family name. (For some reason they don't seem to consider the last name part of the legacy....) I haven't told any family or close friends the name we picked yet, but all the strangers just gush over the name Hudson. I'm so exicted!!!


piratesmermaid - July 5

Along with some others, Hudson Alexander came to mind immediately, even before reading the other posts. You still have your "A" middle name and it flows better than Hudson Anderson. I gotta recommend going with a longer 3 or 4 syllabled middle name or a 1 syllable.


piratesmermaid - July 5

Oops, sorry, mcatherine, I didn't see your last post. Hudson Paul flows nicely, though. Paul is a family name on my dad's side, and I have a lot of cousins with the name Paul somewhere in there, as well as my youngest brother. Popular name it sounds like!


Erynn21 - July 6

You know my hubby and I had the same type of problem, we liked Nora and Alexa but Nora Alexa had too many AA's so we did Nora Alexis for our little girls name. I love the name Hudson it's great for a boy and as a man's name it is masculine.



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