Names For Grandparents

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kel - January 21

My mother is having trouble deciding what to be called. she's not to keen on Gran or Nan, and my mother in law is Grandma, Can you anyone please give us some idea's?


krista-lee - January 21

hmm, im not sure what else there is, ive only heard grandma, nan, gran, and bubi. i dont think there is any other names?


Annette - January 21

My mom hates both Grandma and Nan. I told her she can pick whatever she wants so she is exploring other languages since our baby will be of mixed heritages.


anita - January 21

how about grandmommy or grammy...also, growing up i called both my grandmas the same thing (grandmommy or grandma) and when we got older, we differentiated btwn the two by calling then grandma-last name.


Marlene - January 21

what about just gram?? Also children normally decide what they will call their grandparents any...


Samantha - January 21

I called mine Mom Mom


Amber - January 21

My mom is going to be Nona (italian), His mother is going to be Grandma im sure. My friend has her daughter call her mother, Mormor, (sweedish for mothers-mother). I really like that one! I had a Nanny, Nana, and a Grammy. But remember that its the little one that decides on how the name is said, and thats what makes it fun! Try this site remove all the dashes


Annette - January 21

Amber, my mother loved that website! Thanks a lot! There are some that I love, like ammamma, dida, or yia yia... even when my baby will have nothing of indian or greek. My mom said she will stay with Oma (and she is not german, either...)


Mary - January 22

I alway called my grandmother Memom. Which is backwards for Mommy ( the way you pronounce it).


Daytona - January 22

i think on my side my mother will be called nana and my dad would be called grandad. On my boyfriends side i dunno.


Angela - January 22

my cousins called their grandmother "mum-mum" as in Mom's mom. I always thought it was cute.


js - January 22

My mother is Grandma, my dh's mother is Grandmama... She is a bit formal, but my son caught on well enough.


Jbear - January 22

I had a granny and a kids only have one grandma, but they have grandpa and granddad...


Angie - January 22

I called my grandma Gram or grammy or grandmama depending on my mood ha!


Jennifer - January 22

Our son has 3 sets of grandparents. Noni and Popi Re-Re and pops Mee-Mee and PaPa


Gem - January 23

Nan, Granny, Grandma, Nana - Grandad, Grandpa, Grandpops, Pops are the only one I can think of.


JennyC - January 23

Mine will probably be Grandma Ann and Grandpa Phil. Or you could us the last name, ex Grandma Smith, to distinguish between the other ones. I think the previous answers were right, though, that the kids tend to decide what they want to call them. My cousins call their's Grandma Lake because she lived on a lake when they were little. It just stuck



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