Names Narrowed Down Help Me Pick

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ashley - June 24

Okay this had been a battle from the getgo trying to agree upon a name for our little boy. Dh and I have not agreed upon much. We finally sat down this morning and narrowed it down to 3 first names and 2 middle names. First names: Cole, Case, or Ian Middle names:Desmond and Nathaniel. DH really likes Desmond and I said no way to it being a first name. Its his great uncles middle name so I did agree to possibly being the middle name. Nathaniel is DH's first name. So what do you all think? Which combo sounds best: Cold Desmond, Cole Nathaniel, Case Desmond, Case Nathaniel, Ian Desmond or Ian Nathaniel?


krista-lee - June 24

i think Cole Desmond sounds like a movie stars name : ] that ones my favourite!


ashley - June 24

Thanks Kirsta-lee......:-)


ashley - June 24

any body else got an opinion


Laurabb4 - June 24

Hi Ashley, I think Cole Nathaniel. We use family names for our middle names.


Patti - June 24

I like Cole Desmond too. You could do what me and my dh do...we pick 2-3 names and wait til the baby's born to see which name fits better (with looks and personality.) Just a thought. Good luck!


Olivene - June 24

I think I like Ian Desmond best. It is unusual but very nice. If he hates his middle name he can avoid telling anyone, but I rather like it! Ian Nathaniel is my second choice. Good luck!


ashley - June 24

my moms choices were Case Nathaniel (inside joke almost because my husband has a Case Excavator and a Case skidsteer. And my mom also liked Ian Nathaniel. She does not like Desmond either, my husband just likes old names I guess.


ashley - June 24

Patti that may be what we end up doing.. I just am tickled pink that my husband and I could at least narrow it down as of yesterday we couldn't sit down long enough to even discuss it with out getting p__sy at each other.


Mellissa - June 24

it's funny because i LOVE the name Desmond, and my dh hates it, and he LOVES the name Cole and I couldn't see our son with that name. but together, Cole Desmond is my favorite of the ones you have picked out. :) (The only Desmond I've heard of is from the beatles song "obla-di, obla-da like goes on.. lol)


kimc - June 25

I like Cole Nathaniel or Ian Desmond the best.... I really like the name Cole, but it doesn't work with our last name.


Revel - June 25

i love the naame case its so cute! id go with case nathaniel :)


Soontobemom - June 25

I really think Cole Nathaniel is sweet.


Nerdy Girl - June 25

I just LOVE the name Cole!! I could not sell dh on it though. We ended up naming our son Henry. (what a switch, huh?) Definitely do Cole. Either middle name sounds good with it.


HannahBaby - June 25

I like Ian Desmond. I love the name Ian, and desmond is my nephews name.


piratesmermaid - June 25

I like Ian Nathaniel. 'Course I love the old fashioned names like Nathaniel and Ian kinda modernizes it a bit. I think it's really cla__sy and successful sounding.


Remy - June 25

Cole Desmond... Definetly. :)



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