Naming My Son

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angie - August 5

my boyfriend and I are thinking of naming our unborn son Damien.the problem is my parents are against it because in the movie "The Omen" the boy's name is Damien and he's a really bad kid, so they are afraid that people will see him as a lil devil.please let me know what u think - August 6

I have a cousin named Damien --- And then (and this is just messed up !!!) Another cousin named his 2 boys Damien and Christian. But -- I can honestly say that when I say their names, I think Devil in the back of my head.


XLover - August 7

I like Damian/Damien , too but alas, my BF and my sister- both thriller fanatics are against it for the same reason: The Omen. Now I have chosen Xander James. Xander---like Vin Diesel in xXx movie :)


Jamie - August 7

I have a former coworker named Damien - we give him a hard time about it, since his best friend is named Jesus, but it's all in good fun. If your son behaves like a little devil, that's how he'll be seen. If he's an angel - then lucky you!


Dee - August 7

I tend to think of the devil too but you need to name it with what you both like.


J - August 8

I agree that there is a stigma attached to the name. I have also known kids that have named their sons this name and the kids have been little devils. I personally think that it does sound like the devil and wouldn't want my son to have a name like that but that is my opinion.


just me - August 8

I think that if you like the name then name your kid that. Just because that was a kids name in a movie and he was bad, it doesn't mean that your child will be. I know plenty of Damien's and they are good people. I have never a__sociated the name with the devil.


s - August 8

I don't understand the a__sociation with the name Damien and the devil just because of the movie. It's silly to me. I think the name is a nice sounding one for a boy and I know two men with the name and they are wonderful people.



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