Natural Birth Or Not

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Bailey2786 - January 16

So.. I was going to get an epi but now I don't know.. I already have to get anitbiotics during labour for my GBS.. and I wanted everything to be more "natural" so now I am thinking to try and do it with out pain medications.... I have heard different opinions on the subject just wondering what everyone did and why? My mom had my sister and both natural but says she wish she hadn't.. that I should get an epi.. but I dunno?!


maren - January 16

Its up to you personally i "winged it" went in saying idk if i need something i will tell you i say i had my daughter naturally but i did get some demerol in my IV (i had GBS and had to have antibiotics) Demerol isnt really a pain med but more of something to help you relax inbetween contractions by time i got the demerol i was in labor for 31 hours and dead tired the demerol let me sleep inbetween contractions but every time i had a contraction i was up trying to relax inbetween my contraction. It is very possible to do in natual just remember to relax when you get a contraction try to melt into the bed and try not to tense your muscles as that i thought made the contraction more intense. You can always try natural but if you decide its to much for you to handle you can always get something! Good luck and dont let other people tell you what you should do its your body and your the only one who knows what you can handle.


Lala - January 16

Yes! Nothing says you have to decide now. Prepare yourself for the TEMPORARY bad pain, and like maren said you HAVE to relax your muscles! Just keep your options open. If you decide you need epi, then fine! Take care!


Tammy276 - January 16

Keep your mind open and tell whoever tells you "You have to do it this way or that way" to shut up!! This is your body and your delivery. Go in with an open mind. If you decide the pain gets too bad and you want the epi, then ask for it. If you think you can do it without, then do it without. Everyone is different. some woman have extremely long labours and the epi helps to speed things up and helps them to relax. Other woman have extremely fast labors and don't need the epi because it goes so fast. I got one with my first because I was induced and it was extremely painful, but I went in with an open mind and I will do the same this time...go in with an open mind and if I decide I need it, I will get it, and I'm not going to feel like it was any less natural because in the end, there is the same result...a baby..


zay28 - January 16

I hate pain, and i know several people that have both experiences that they like to get the epi, because you are more relaxed and you enjoy your delivery and you get less tired so you can enjoy more the first hours of your baby company.


cindernar - January 16

I'm debating the same thing. I have a weird reaction to epidurals. I'm actually thinking of getting a walking epidural this time. I just don't like not being able to move my legs at all, and I didn't like the fact that I couldn't feel what I was pushing.


San - January 16

Definately go in with an open mind...that you' re going to try to do it natural but if things get out of control for you you can ask for something (not necessarily an epi). I was induced with both of my girls. With the first I had an epi and it was wonderful...although it took forever for me to get feeling back in my legs. With my last one I decided to see how far I could get med free. By the time I asked for the epi, it didn't take at all. Yup, it hurt but it was bearable. It's your call and your call only! Good luck!


Bailey2786 - January 16

thanks everyone! yes I think I am going to go in with an open mind! If I do get an epi i also was asking about the walking ones! sounds so much better ha



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