Natural Births Advice If You Ve Been Through It

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Nora1 - May 11

I'm wanting to have "natural" birth - without medication. Those of you that have successfully done so - do you have any advice for me? How did you manage your pain? Would you/are you going to do it again this time? How bearable was the pain, etc.? Any info you have for me (a first time mom) would be great! I have no idea what to expect at this point. I have just started reading a Hypnobirthing book now, which I'm hoping will be helpful. Thanks for your input!


livdea - May 11

Hey Nora, I'm a first time Momma too, wanting to go as natural as possible. Are you taking any Lamaze cla__ses?


angelbebe - May 11

I am also planning a "natural" birth. Haven't been through one yet, but I am told that even just being able to move around and labor in different ways will help you manage the pain. When you are stuck to a bed with monitors and what not, the pain can be so much worse. Also when pitocin is used to induce, there is much more pain. I plan to labor in a tub (which I hear helps so much) and have my husband help me by ma__saging, helping me visualize, etc...I don't know what to expect either, but I am trying to go into this experience without fear and 100% trust that every sensation I feel is part of the process and getting my baby in my arms that much faster. I TOTALLY recommend Ina May Guide to Childbirth. It is a MUST READ!! So empowering. How far along are you? I am just beginning my 38th week.


Nora1 - May 11

I am beginning my 34th week. And yes, I'm taking Lamaze cla__ses, just to see if I can get anything out of them. My birth will be in a hospital bed, so it will be monitored and I may be somewhat limited as far as position and that sort of thing. But I am definitely going to try to go without medical intervention. I do not take any medicine while I'm pregnant, so I don't really want to end it all medicated up! They are already mentioning the fact that they may want to induce and I've let them know that I'm not comfortable with Pitocin. They will try to stimulate labor naturally if anything. Hypnobirthing teaches techniques to help relax and to reduce/eliminate pain. I still have more than 1/2 the book left to read. Good luck to you girls in your experiences and hopefully we'll get some good advice from those that have been through it already also. Thanks!


MichelleB - May 11

Try not to put too much pressure on will be in enough as it is! I went in kinda open minded, but told myself that I would hold off as long as I could. Breathing through contractions really is the key, then you get a break. I was in tub to relax, which helped millions, and I believe if you are relaxed you will dialate quicker. I had a shot of demoral, that I didnt really feel any relief from (or the pain got worse). I just kept hanging in there, 15 more minutes, etc etc then I would decide for the epidural. By the time I wanted one, it was time to push, so my advice is just to hang in as long as you can, then give yourself 15 minutes to decide whether you want drugs or not, adn unless you are 100% sure, go another 15 minutes. It does come to an end....GOOD LUCK ALL. For my second, I hope not to have an epidural as well, but we will see how that goes!


Steph - May 11

I had an epi with my first and I'm gonna go au natural with this one! :o) I'm not taking any child birth/lamaze cla__ses. I didn't find them useful with the last pregnancy, so I'm opting out this time around. Good luck ladies!!


mama3 - May 11

I now have had natural child birth 3 times. Most recently on tuesday. Yes it is painful mainly after your water has broken and your 5+cm. You need someone with you that you feel safe and can look to for support. Beathing through your contrations and having that person there that you can focus on helps. Just when you think you cnat go anymore its time to push. Pushing helps soooo much. You are no longer thinking of the the pain of the contractions but about pushing your baby out. Then your baby is here and the big pain is gone and your no just sore and enjoying your new life. It isnt really that bad. It is hard and you test how stronge you really are but ti can be done. Just have faith in your self and your body. Best of luck to you ladys.


Jenn2 - May 11

While I have not yet gone through natural childbirth....I too am going for it. I have a couple family members who went "all natural" with childbirth, and this is the info I got from them. My mother had me with no pain med's (mainly b/c she had me in 2 hours time, and they did not have time to give her an epi). She said she was able to handle it.....her main thing was that she started feeling very tired towards the end b/c her contractions were right on top of one another b/c her labor was so quick. I have heard you must learn to relax and breath properly through contractions. Find a relaxing CD you like, and start listening to it now, and train yourself to get very relaxed everytime you listen to that CD. that way when you are in the hospital you will get right into "the zone". Also, make sure your husband (or whomever is going to be in the room with you) knows what you want and can help talk you through contractions or give you ma__sages, etc. I believe its just one of those things you have to be in the right mindset for, and when you truely believe you can do will. good luck to you!


mishy - May 11

Most of these responses seem to be from people who haven't been through it.. the bottom line is you should keep an open mind. I think everyone would like to go natural if they can but you just don't know til you get in there how bearable it will be for you, whether you will have a 30 hr labour or a 2 hour labour etc.. and the more distressed you get, the worse it is for you and baby so if you end up needing something to get through it, so be it. My first labour was only 2 hours - turns out I don't feel contractions and my labour started at the pushing stage. I went into shock, it was really intense and I just couldn't get my son out so I was eventually cut and the ventouse was attached (turns out he had a big head!). There wasn't really time for pain relief and I originally said I didn't want any but maybe it would have helped. :) And I was thinking afterwards, you don't ask your dentist to pull teeth and say you want to "go natural" and this is a lot worse so why is it different?? So you can do it - having said all of this I do hope to go natural again in a few weeks - but no matter what happens, the important thing is the precious bundle at the end - if you end up needing pain relief or an emergency C-section or whatever, don't feel bad about it. Take it as it comes and good luck to all of you.


Heather W - May 12

I have had natural childbirth 3 times.. and going for a 4th. I found that before 5 cm walking around alot...which helps you dialate faster...along with a hot bath...if your water hasn't broke. helps you get to 5 cm ish. After that I find that exhaling forcefully out of pursed lips and staring down one spot seemed to make me feel like I was winning over the pain..sounds funny, but the "HEE HEE HOOS" just made me light headed. Then just when I thought I couldn't go on you felt this urge to push...and baby was out before you had time to think about the pain anymore...and all was well. THis is just how I got thru it, Good Luck!


Nora1 - May 12

Heather W, thanks for your advice! This info really is helpful. I hope I can stick it out. Thanks and good luck to you on your 4th!


Alycia - May 12

I just had my first baby at home on Tuesday, so obviously it was all natural. Even though I was in active labor for 17 1/2 hours (total labor, if you count early labor, was 44 - I had a bladder infection that was holding things up), I thought when I was showering afterwards that I can do this again easily. I also pushed for three hours - the midwives said they'd never seen a baby take so long to crown. I guess my point is that I had a long labor with the added pain of bladder spasms, and I was going on only about 5 hours of sleep in a 48 hour period, and I could totally do it. At each stage, there was only one thing that would help me, but they helped a LOT. You can check out the details in the "Alycia's homebirth story" thread. mama3 is right - pushing is such a relief because it gives you something to DO. Before that, I just kind of breathed and focused through the pain. I hadn't had any childbirth preparation cla__ses... I just breathed how I wanted. Visualization was out of the question for me - I needed complete focus at all times. I couldn't even have anyone touching me during contractions until I needed counterpressure during transition. If you have any questions, let me know, although I'll only be on here sporadically because of the baby. Oh, btw, he was 8 lbs 13 oz and had a fairly big head - 13 3/4 in.


Nora1 - May 16

Thanks for the info/advice, Alycia. I did read your story also - very amazing! I just keep thinking, if others can do it, there's no reason I can't do it. I think there are so many people though that act like you're crazy for trying it unmedicated, that it makes me wonder if I am! But then I hear stories from the flip side that can be encouraging. I know it can be done...I just have to keep a positive outlook on it and plan on doing it without backing out. I think it would not only be best for the baby (and me), but it would be a great feeling of accomplishment! Thanks to all the advice!


falafal0 - May 17

I think too, that the mind is so incredibly powerful that you can get through anything if you are prepared and focused. This is my fourth pregnancy, going througha midwife for a homebirth, not only because the last one was natural for me, but because it was so quick (45 mintues in the hospital carpark) so I'm making them come to me this time! Because I dialte so quickly, and have in all three labours, pain medication is difficult to give to me because I'm 8 or 9 cms at the time I get to the hospital. I had a shot of pethadine, about an hour and half before myfirst was born, but it made me vomit and feel very sick, no real pain relief. Gave it to me too late...a bit of gad with my second (two and a half hours from start to finish) useless as well, very spacey no real relief, only had about five sucks of it anyway, then threw it away from me, and went it alone. Then no choice but nothing with my daughter. I think if you are able to go into it open minded, in case you change your mind in the middle, and you are prepared in case you can't handle the pain (you pain will be different from others, so don't compare...!!), you'll be able to make decisions as you go along. Use calming music to focus, warm baths and showers help HEAPS, and breathing techniques also. Good luck.


Nora1 - May 18

Thanks! Good luck to you!


krista28 - May 18

The only thing I found really helped me was (and I had 2 naturally) to find something in the room to focus on (maybe bring something like a picture you like from home) and just try and stay focused on that. Distraction helps to reduce the impact of the pain....It's all about controlling the pain, not letting it control you. Anyway, that's what worked for me. All the best.


Nora1 - May 19

Thanks so much Krista!



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