Natural Childbirth

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Aud1441 - July 11

I have recently got involved with the natural way of giving birth. I am very interested in it, and want to give it a try. Is there anyone else who is going to try going natural? Or anyone that already has?


Olivene - July 11

Good for you! I am planning a hospital waterbirth. The only pain med available here is the epidural and I just don't want that. Are you planning to use a certain method?


Aud1441 - July 11

I really have not looked completely into the whole process yet. Its still just in my mind. I am going to do pre natal cla__ses that will help with some quesitons. I am 29 weeks, so I have a bit to figure out what will be best. I just think it would be a good experience. what methods do you prefer?


JillyBilly - July 11

Hi Aud, I hope to go natural myself and have done a lot to mentally prepare myself but I do keep in mind, each labor and delivery is different so I stay open to other ways incase mine will need intervention of some sort. I'm 39+5 weeks, first child. I feel very ready to do this. So I try to remain flexible incase I have to be. I see a practice with mostly midwives. They are pro me going natural. So every visit I ask tons of questions, tell them what I've learned or read. The traditional child birthing cla__ses we took and the books I've read have really helped give me to get ready mentally to get through labor. If you haven't already you may want to look into some cla__ses. I know some women took the cla__ses and didn't think they were worthwhile, I disagree with them. They were long and grueling as we took evening cla__ses that went past my bedtime, but being so ready to have this baby now, I can't imagine how I'd feel if I hadn't taken those cla__ses. Wish you all the best.


Atarahsmommy - July 11

I am 38 weeks + 3 days and I have been doing the hypnobabies home study course, and I not only looking ofrward to my birthing because I want to meet my baby girl, but I am truly looing forward to the birthing experience, it has helped me so much to not be afraid of giving birth. You might want to check out the community boards at, there is a lot of helpful information about natural/unmedicated childbirth there


Deb - July 11

I just had mine naturally, but I ended up BEGGING for an epidural. When the doctor arrived to give me the epi, they discovered that I dilated from 4 to 10cm in less than an hour and it was too late for the epi. I had planned to go naturally, but in reality, it was just way too intense. I'm glad I didn't get the epi, but I don't think there is anything wrong with getting one. Once you are in the middle of hard labor, your perspective changes and you may change your mind. Don't beat yourself up about it if you do...breathing through the contractions just doesn't seem to cut it. Good luck!


moucheka - July 11

I'm going natural, or 'normal' as I see it. I attend a birth center which is all midwives. The only way you can get drugs is to be transported to the hospital in an emergency. Knowing this the patients there are much better prepared and everyone has to attend Bradley cla__ses on natural birth. There are many ways to cope and the center has jacuzzis, birth b___s etc, but most importantly each woman has a coach and doula and whoever else she wants with her. Strong support is the main thing.


Erynn21 - July 11

I had my birthplan started today and discussed having a waterbirth w/ my doctor, actually she brought it up because they have a tub room at my hospital. I have seen waterbirths and they are fascinating, I am a very water person so I hope this will work for me. I did however plan on medical pain relief if necessary, if I am freaking out and completely unreasonable I would want something to at least ground me. I am deathly afraid of epidurals, my doctor doesn't really like them she is more natural. I already use water as a natural pain reliever w/ baths I have read so much about waterbirths I am glad I have this choice. My doctor also does not perform episiotomies which is fine, I think that tearing naturally is better. I am going to try to soften my perinium with a light ma__sage oil to try to lubricate my skin prior to birth. You know you may only be 29 wks, but that's where I was before my appt today. My doc was like oh we need to do your birthplan, I wasn't prepared, I knew it was coming, but I forgot. It comes on fast here I am 32 wks. and realizing every day that this baby is closer to being here. I'm not afraid if I end up having to have some sort of med's I just really would like to see how strong I really am, but if I need help that is okay by me. Good luck all.


Jill - July 11

I am 34 weeks with my third child. My first I had a dose of stadol, no epi, and I ended up so groggy, not remembering the birth as clearly as I would have liked to. My second I went naturally, I was a little scared, it had been almost five years since my first, but it went quickly and I gave birth to a healthy 9lb 6oz baby. For this baby I am so much more confident and I am looking forward to the birth. There are no birthing centers around where I live and I could not find a midwife who would do a home birth, so I am stuck going to the hospital. I really wish I could find a place that is more supportive of womens decisions and do not view child birth as a medical event but a natural event. I dread the fact that I am going to have to fight with hospital staff when I am in labor so they do not stick an IV in me. I would really be interested in the hypnobirthing. I have heard great things about that. If anyone has any info please share. Thanks.


steph-in-saint-pete-beach - July 13

I am going natural as well. I have a midwife at a birth home as well, so really there is no choice in the matter. My mom did it with 4 so I can do it with 1. With my son I was 19, and induced, wasnt given much choice, inducing is very painful, so meds were appreciated, however, I was on planet Pluto when he was born, way too much meds. I dont know what they gave me, but any painkiller that strong should be banned, I barely remember a thing, I was hallucinating that the nurse had a bunny tail. Oh yea, my since of smell was heightened, her perfume, hubbys ciggarette smell, even the smell of my son made me sick to my stomach. I waited 11 years between if that says anything.


livdea - July 13

I went natural saturday...might help to read my REALLY LONG birth story "Farrah's Birth" It hurts really lie but it can be done and it's amazing...absolutely amazing! right when you think you can't take it any are holding your little one. It's good to learn to RELAX...its very hard but you have to relax your entire body and mentally it's good to be strong...mind over matter is best! You can do it...I did lamaze and it worked for me! GOOD LUCK!



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