Nature S Sway

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DDT - May 3

Anyone have one of these slings already, know someone with one or have read reviews on it? I am due in a month with ds2. I am looking for a sling that I can carry my newborn around in while being able to watch and interact with my ds1 (currently 14 months old). I already have a Baby Bjorn and loved it with ds1 but it is really only practical with a baby that has some head control. I tried using a Maya Sling with ds1 and hated it (too much material and impossible to get on by myself). I already have a Mei Tai hip carrier which was also a great buy, but of course that is for a older child (6 months and up). Also, anyone know of any other slings that are easy to use (the buckle concept seems to be the easiest to me) and can be used in a "hammock" style. Thanks!


kay101 - May 3

My sister absolutely swears by ring slings and has used them with her last two kids. She got me one as a gift when my son gets here so I hope I like it as much as she does.


DDT - May 4

Thanks! I have decided to go with the "Peanut shell" and I just bought it online. It's a tube sling, so no buckles or rings digging into your skin. It can be used in different positions including the hammock/cradle and tummy-to-tummy. I figure I will be using it for the 1st 6-7 months and then I will start using my Mei Tai hip carrier. BTW it cost me $45 before shipping. Not exactly a bargain deal but oh-well! Luckily you recieved yours as a gift and won't feel bad trading it in for another if it doesn't work out. Good luck on your upcoming C-Section BTW. I hope all goes well for yourself and your little boy.


sashasmama - May 4

I've been trying to find a baby sling for about a month now, the only ones I've liked so far were the Hotsling and the Mobi wrap, but the Mobi wrap has so much fabric and here in Texas it's going to suck for a July baby and myself. I didn't need one with my first, but now I'll have a toddler and a newborn, so I really need one. Have you heard much on Hotslings? Is the Peanut Shell one a part of Natures Sway?


DDT - May 4

sashasmama: Hi! I looked up the Hotsling and then did some more searching and came across the Peanut Shell. They are both the same concept in that they are tube slings. I was just personally more drawn to the Peanut shell because of their informative website and their videos/pics on how to use their sling. The Peanut shell is seperate from the Nature's Sway brand.



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