Navel Piercing

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Molly - July 22

How does your piercing (without ring in) look in your 3rd trimester?


Rachel - June 22

It is not that big of a deal. There is a little bit of a scar there, but it does not show very much.


Roxy - July 8

I made the mistake of leaving itin too long and mine popped out and now i ve got a really nast scar


Michelle - July 13

I had taken mine out in the first trimester and now I have an ugly scar.


Debra xx - July 19

I had a ring in ,which i took out at around 28wks now iam left with a very nasty scar,now iam 33wks and it just adds to the rest.


SC - July 22

Its not so bad i took mine out about 10 weeks and there is a scar but the baby is more important to me than a scar


kf - September 25

my doctor told me I could keep mine 31 wks and i still have stretches a lot but is friend who just had a baby kept hers in the whole time too


maria lloyd - October 1

i have still got my ring in and it is fine i am 39 weeks pregnant.


Christine - October 13

I haven't had my ring in at all this time around but every once in awhile I stick it back in and I am 39 weeks.. Mine isn't really a scar it is stretched it looks like a second belly b___ton.. hahaha


belgian - January 2

i am 36 1/2 weeks now and still have it in with a popped out belly b___ton doesnt bother me at all..and if i do take it out it might be the day i am in the hospital giving birth..they might ask me to take it out like the rest of my jewlery...but its fine.


jamie - January 11

mine looks like a red line.not really long but they do stetch out's pretty ugly and i took mine out in the first trimester....


chris - January 12

Im 28 wks and changed my ring for a plastic navel bar which you can wear all through pregnancy i bought it from ouch jewellery online for just under £7 its brilliant but the only down side is it looks a bit strange through your clothes it looks like you have two belly b___tons.


Brenda - January 15

mine is fine at 32 wks, i left it in the whole time with first baby (2 yrs ago) might need to take out pretty soon, i'm bigger this time around :-)


carrie - January 23

My ring left a scar that is kinda strange looking. I hope it goes back to normal after I lose my weight. I think that I left it in too long and the scar tissue stretched.


Michelle - February 4

I took mine out when I was about 15 weeks. But it was infected so I have this really bad redish-purpleish scar. I'm 30 weeks now and it looks more like a belly-b___ton than my real belly-b___ton does.


jade - February 15

mine got a scar and turned really dark, i also got stretch mark on it!!!


Amy - February 22

I took mine out before getting pregnant and it looked okay during pregnancy, but after - looks like a second belly b___ton since it got all stretched out. Now my belly ring scar is depressed in...anyone know if this can be fixed?



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