Near The End When Will It Happen

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DinaAW - June 25

I am 39 weeks 2 days today and very anxious to meet this baby! My due date is June 30th but I am feeling very ready. I lost my mucus plug this past week and the doctor says I am one centimeter, 90% effaced, and the baby's head is at -1 station! All good news, right? Now I'm just wondering when it will happen. I have had contractions every night the past few nights but nothing I can time for more than one hour. Anyone else close to baby time and trying to stay busy in the meantime? What do your doctor's say about induction dates? How long will they let you go?


lilmomma88 - June 25

I am 41 weeks (tomarrow) pregnant with my first baby...i'm scheduled for induction tomarrow morning at 6:00am because my hospital's policy is 7 days after due date. Usually with your first they won't let you go past 10 days.


livdea - June 25

I'm only 37.5 weeks and I'm willing this labor along! I'm a centimeter dialated, 50% effaced and girly is engaged at IS this going to happen?!! I know I could still have weeks to go! and I have a feeling she is going to stay in there! GRRR!! but it's all good...when she's ready! I can't focus on a darn thing and I think my Dr wants to strip my membranes at the next appointment. I don't know what I think about that. I don't really want any intervention. Anyway, good luck girls and soon...who knows...maybe tonight? our babies could be here!! Good Luck!


ashley - June 25

Oh boy, I have 10 days until I am 37 weeks. This little baby boy always has his feet up in my ribs. I was check at my last appointment (35 weeks 2 days along) and I was only 50% she didn't mention what station besides he's really low and my cervix is still closed. I have another appointment this thursday and we'll see if I have done anything. I'll be 36 weeks 2 days along. I am scheduled to be induced July 16th (3 weeks from today!) I'll be 38 weeks 5 days along. MY doctor agreed/suggested the induction because we live an hour away from the hospital and dh is working 120 miles away from home. But i know i know rule of thumb is because we are trying to make it convienent he'll come before the induction date! We wont be ready and it will be chaos lol. I wish I was closer though like you gals are!! Im so ready! (ps this is #2 thats why she was willing to induce before 40 weeks.)



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