Necessary To Wash Everything

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Tink - September 25

so i've heard it both ways- is it necessary to wash all the baby clothes before they come home and you put them in? I've heard friends that did wash and others that didn't. also, a free and clear type detergent is probably as good as dreft- do you guys agree? or should you start with dreft?


angie m - September 25

I am going to wash all of my babies stuff in All free and clear as soon as I have all the clothes I need for her. I have always washed all of my kids clothes before they were born and with my first 2 I used Dreft but then with my last one I just used the All because that is what I was using on the rest of our clothes because my oldest has eczema and it is the only thing I can use without him breaking out. Oh and I will be washing her (my baby's) stuff separate from the rest of my family's clothes for the first probably 6 months because my hubby and other kids get pretty dirty during the day. Hope any of what I shared helps. : )


josie4 - September 25

I'm going to wash everything simply because I want it to smell like our detergent as opposed to smelling new. I use Era, btw.


DDT - September 25

I washed everything just for something to do!! I went on mat leave at 38 wks so I had 2 wks to kill before my ds made his entrance. I used just regular detergent, but came to find my ds has sensitive skin (he would get a light rash) so now I wash it all fragrance free detergent. He's 7.5 months old BTW.


name - September 26

I used the ''ALL Free Clear'' for my daughter. I wouldn't was ALL of your baby clothes just in case the baby comes out the opposite gender and you need to take stuff back to the store. I made the mistake of washing everything, but there was so many outfits she never even got to wear because they outgrown them so fast, but since I'd washed them I couldn't take em back to the store.


docbytch - September 26

Hi Tink... I washed all my baby's clothes just to be never know what agents they were exposed to during the manufacturing process. Free and clear detergents are just fine. ALL has also put out a baby laundry detergent with light scent...I've seen them at Walmart.


DaBonkElsMe - September 26

I bought some Dreft and will likely wash in that before putting them on my lo. My SIL just had a baby and she told me that she washed everything, but the baby was alread 10 lbs at birth and quickly outgrow the infant stuff. She was mad that the baby didn't even get to wear half the stuff and now she can't return it. So I plan to wash all hand-me-downs (I am luck to have 3 SILs with 9 kids between them!) but with the new stuff, I will leave tags on and not wash everything until my baby comes and I know what he will need. That way if he's big like his cousin, we can return anything he never gets the chance to wear!!


Pearl - September 26

I don't think there's really any way of knowing how your baby's skin will react until you have him/her. I washed my first one's clothes in dreft, but soon realized that her skin was fine with a regular detergent. I still wash the new clothes before my kids wear them though. That way they fit right. Sometimes things shrink up and don't fit right the first time if you don't wash them...Some babies have really sensative skin, and some are fine with anything.


name - September 26

I don't know if this is true, but I had read somewhere that for most babies, regular detergent is fine. I guess the best way to find out would be to wash one item with regular detergent and see how the baby's skin reacts to it.


angeev - September 29

We are using ALL Free. I have sensitive skin issues and this is what I have used since a child. If my in laws mention Dreft to us one more time we are going to get some mega-scented Tide to leave out when they visit just to annoy them.


wailing - September 30

All Free or Free and Clear is fine. Anything works as long as it's fragrant free and hypoallergenic. I washed everything in the beginning. Their skin is soooo sensitive I just hated thinking of anything from a factory touching ds's skin. But, now at 15 wks I'm more lenient


Pipa - October 1

I just did this the other day. I used All Free and Clear on everything. I did use dryer sheets, not thinking about the whole scent thing, but they're extremely mild and only one per large load so I'm hoping that's okay. I think I might start using a lingerie wash bag for socks cuz those things are so little and the sock elf has already made off with one somewhere between loads!


beeniestar - October 2

My MIL (who is very health conscious) told me to only use Dreft or detergent from a health store. I'm going to start with Dreft and once my LO gets a little olderI'll switch to All free and clear, since that's what my husband and I are using.


c_baer19 - October 3

Personally, I see no difference between Dreft and any other unscented hypoallergenic detergent, except for that Dreft costs twice as much, about 8-10 dollars apiece for the liquid kind. I use All Free and Clear liquid detergent and All Free and Clear dryer sheets, and my baby has never had a problem in 2 months so far. I also wash her clothes with all of our clothes, no separation. I have heard though that most babies can tolerate regular detergent, and that it's just a precaution to use unscented, but I decided better safe than sorry!



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