Need A Boys Name

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momofboyz - January 22

I have 2 boys Benjamin we call him Ben and Ethan. We are having our third and since Ben and Ethan are both traditional names we need another traditional name to go with those names. We like Jack and Luke. I would love input or suggestions! Thanks!


bj - January 22

They're both cute, but I think Jack goes better with Ben and Ethan. I'm sure whatever you decide, you'll love it!


averysmom - January 22

I really like Jack..We almost named our son that but we went with Avery.


momofboyz - January 22

Thanks! I have gotten negative comments from people about the name Jack. We had it picked and one of my girlfriends named her dog Jack and my SIL told me she didn't like it. I was set on this name now I am having second thoughts.


jessicaspatherapist - January 22

I love Luke! (our last name starts with L though so it would sound strange) Jack is adorable! and i hate when people say "that's my friend's dog's name....why on earth are people so rude!? ....our name choices for boys are Toby (tobias), Nathan, Tyler.........


bj - January 22

It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. He's your son and you've earned the right to name him whatever it is that you want. I know it's easier said than done, so good luck.


chrissi79 - January 22

Well, I'm bias b/c my favourite boy name is Lucas. :)


ShaunaLeigh - January 22

Ur right, ive had that happen to me quite often about names ive picked out :S & it gonna ruins it for you if they say it belongs to someone who past away or a dog... or whatevers.. im kinna stuck on the name thing myself...


chriss - January 23

I am also stuck for a boys name! I love the name Lucas, but my last name also starts with L so it wouldn't sound right. I was thinking of the name Chase or Jared and then someone said that Jared reminded them of the subway commercial, which I've only ever seen once, but it sort of ruined it for me. Can someone please tell me why people are naming the dogs with human names anyway! that's stupid!


sbyrd - January 23

My all time favorite boy name is Ethan!! But you already have one! Good choice! :) I also like Lucas. I think Ben, Ethan, and Lucas go really good together!! Good luck! and let us know what you choose!!


ShaunaLeigh - January 23

humm... i like a lot of girl names, not boy names, idk, maybe im tainted or just wantin a girl so bad... dont wanna be thinkin about boy names... cuz i can't seem to find anything at all i like :( it sucks


MommyMeg07 - January 23

I LOVE Jack. Before I knew I was having a baby girl I was planning on Owen for a boy.


Danielle19 - January 25

we named our son jordan, but i also like micheal


Gretta - January 25

Wow you have the cutest boys names! I like Jack!!


vanja10 - January 28

how about jackson, then u can cut it short to jack... :)


sahmof3 - January 29

Luke is very cute! My boys are Nathan and Justin.


SaraH - January 30

I like Luke the best. If you want something that is relatively traditional but with a little more uniqueness I also think Lukas is a good name.



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