Need A Middle Name

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Jen - June 13

Since the beginning of my pregnancy, I wanted to name my daughter Zoe. BUT, I'm scheduled to have a c-section next week and we still can't agree on a middle name! Any ideas?


Stephanie - June 13

Hi, I like the names Zoe Michelle, Zoe Jane, Zoe Ann, My daughters name is Amaya Jayne, so I like the "weird" first names and traditional middle names, I think the compliment each other very well.


jennifer - June 13

Zoe Catherine, Zoe Brynn, Zoe Paige, Zoe Elise


Shelly - June 13

I like jennifers Zoe Brynn and Zoe Elise


Melissa - June 13

How about Zoe Nicole or Zoe Christina


j - June 14

I think Zoe Ellyse sounds beautiful!!! I'd go for that.. All the best for the C-section, not long to go now..


soleil - June 14

ooooo i love Ellyse sounds nice, ZOE ELLYSE, really nice! If not what about Zoe Annette?


Jen - June 15

I don't know about Annette and my husband doesn't like Ellyse : ( I don't know what I'm going to do! He wants to name her Zoe Rebecca which I don't know that I like that much. At least I don't have much longer to go before baby's here (named or not)


Sabrina - June 15

Zoe Lane, Zoe Anne, Zoe Lou, Zoe Christine, Zoe May, Zoe Marina.... hmmm that is a tough one!


Maddie - June 15

I like ~*Zoe Madyson*~ or ~*Zoe Madeline*~ (Maybe I'm just partial to that middle name) =)


renee - June 15

zoe renee


Jen - June 16

I like Zoe Renee too. I will have to run that one by him and see what he says. Funny thing is I went to see my ob yesterday and he's trying to push up my section so that he can go on vacation. Uh, what? I told him that he was lucky I was waiting this long! Maybe someone somewhere is just trying to give me extra time to name my little girl!


Jamie - June 17

I'd go with Zoe Ellyse...I think that's beautiful, plus it'll be pretty to write! :)


Rachael - June 17

Zoe is a gorgeous name! My daughter is called Zoe, she is Zoe Brielle. My husband is french so we had to incorporate that in all the children's names. I do like what the others have written though, Zoe Ellyse is very pretty. Good luck with your gorgeous baby girl!


purplechimp211 - June 19

i always like Lane as middle name for Zoe or Cloe...Zoe Lane or Layne...good luck


L - June 20

I like the name Zoe Beth.Let us know what you chose.


Jen - June 20

I will post once I name her----tomorrow! Thank you for all the names!



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