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angie m - November 8

OK so I know this is a very personal subject but I need some help. I really want to have s_x with hubby to try and get labor started. Well we haven't in like a month and tried this morning and couldn't find a comfortable position. I felt like passing out when I laid on my back, then when I tried to get on top it hurt sooooooo bad, then on our sides hubby said it was really uncomfortable. So after like 10 min we gave up. If any of you wonderful ladies would be willing to share how hubby and I might go about this (positions) I would appreciate it sooooooooo much. Thank you in advance for any input.


Karen_Fletcher - November 8

my friend used to lie on her side at the edge of the bed with her legs relaxed and her hubby her hubby found his way in and did most of the work (lol) either bendin over or kneeling. hope this helps and good luck, enjoy :o)


emfine99 - November 8

When DH and I have done it lately, I was on top.... but the last time, it hurt really bad! So one of the only ways we have found is doggie style. I absolutely hate it that way, but if yo uwanna get labor started... it's worth a try!


tish212 - November 8

I have to say that the only ways I find comfortable are on the side...and doggy style but I keep my head down... there are supposedly 2 steps for the s_x to u need his seman to come in contact with ur has something that helps soften the cervix... and 2 u have to orgasim b/c that can help jump start contractions... so u might need to have dh "c_m" in u then help stimulate u...(it may takea few times of stimulation to jump start the contractions) I have also tried bending over the bed (my bed sits high) and letting hubby enter from behind...but I have explained he can't enter too fast or deep (sorry tmi) since that and hope u can find a comfy position....


staci - November 8

Angie one way dh and I have done it the past 3-4 times is me on top and backwards (b___t pointing towards him). That way my belly doesn't get in the way (kinda lays between his legs) and it feels pretty good! Not to mention dh loves it that way! We will also do it in the spooning position, I will put my leg that is on top over him and the other in between his legs, this make it more comfy. Good luck Angie!


Brendansmom - November 8

Ok, hopefully I can describe this accurately. Dh needs to lay on his side and you can lay on your side propped up by some pillows, but instead of your bodies being parallel you would be more perpendicular. So you kinda look like a T. You can hang your leg(s) over dh. Good luck!!!


alirenee86 - November 8

Gotta tell ya ladies, I'm getting a kick out of reading these, I don't know why. Anyway, we haven't been doing it much lately at all for comfort reasons, but the other night we did and it was the spooning position. I can't lay on my back either and don't want to try on top cause I can tell it will hurt. Plus, I think it feels different inside for him with everything going on in there. Maybe it's like yours said being on our sides, he said he thought he could feel my cervix or something., I don't think it was that comfortable for him either though it did the trick! So neither him nor I have really done it much because of that. Kinda sucks but perfectly understandable at 39 weeks. Maybe I'll try that on top backwards position!


alirenee86 - November 8

Oh, plus the fact that I just plain and simply put, have very little s_x drive lately. Anybody with me on that one?? I feel bad about it a little, but it's just not what I feel like doing when I roll into bed and can barely sit comfortably. And I stayed pretty small (small belly compared to a lot of women at 39 weeks!)


angie m - November 8

Thank you ladies so much for all the great info you have shared on this personal subject. Hopefully if I make a list of these positions you ladies have suggested one will work for hubby and I and maybe we can get my little girl to come on out and met her family. Oh and alirenee I am right there with you on not wanting it. That might be part of the problem for me. If I really wanted it or even kinda wanted it it might be easier for me to find a way on my own that would work. THANK YOU again everyone.


Tory1980 - November 8

I know you didn't like lying on your back but a way to relieve the pressure of the baby on the nerve (and this works quite well) - put two-three pillows under your hips. It flexes them up, blood rushes to your head and hubby if he kneels between your legs has a good view and also won't put any pressure on your tummy. You can also do it lying that way on your stomach believe it or not and again have the pllows under your hips. Doggy works wherever, the 't' position another lady said is also good as is the 'backwards cowgirl!' (on top facing away). There is also kind of an upright doggy - so rather than having your tummy weigh down if you are on both your hands and knees if you have a head board place your hands on top of it once he is inside and kneel up. Kind of like the same position you would have when standing up against a wall but you are on your knees. It will also stop the real deep penetration doggy can sometimes do and will stop him knocking your cervix too much which could cause more pain than pleasure. Half the fun I have had through all my pregnancies is trying to find a good posiion and we have often just stopped due to laughing so hard! Oh and sperm has prostnagladins (?sp) in it - same stuff they use to induce labour only not in such strong doses!


socurbaby7 - November 9

O wow... i didnt know people lost their s_x drive... it's been quite the opposite for me this whole time.... im crazy... lol it's gotten so bad that me and the babys father on our break at work had s_x in the back of my car... i havent had much trouble with any positions... but i have to say doggystyle can cause it to be too deep... and can make your cervix bleed a little due to engorgment of blood vessels... but girl on top usually works really well. and if u get urself up enough above him where u can hold ur weight up he can do all the work while being on the bottom and it feels good too... good luck... im hoping that s_x gets this baby outta me soon... i have 9 days to go til my due date... i wanna see my baby girl


DaBonkElsMe - November 9

I will tell you that everytime DH and I have had s_x lately, it hurst at the beginning. I almost want want to stop sometimes, but after a little while it starts to feel really good. Last couple of times we tried some lube, it helped, but it was still a bit tight at first. We usually do it with me on top or spooning. He has to go slow at first. Don't be too concerned about having an orgasm - it does help, but even if you don't, the s____n itself can help soften the cervix. Also nipple stimulation releases a hormone that can kick start labor too. Good luck!



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